FMB: Stand By

I just received a phone call from Mr. Jim Yeazell from Northwestern. Apparently he has not received any of our registration information for contest this Saturday.

Just for the record, I contacted him at the email address listed on the OMEA contest web site (picture 4, below), which is also the email address listed on the Northwestern High School directory. My initial email (picture 1, below) was on September 8, followed by a registration form and band bio on September 9 (picture 2, below). Not having heard back from him, I sent him an inquiry on Friday (picture 3, below), and finally followed it up with a phone call this morning. He then phoned me at 10:55 this morning and left a voice mail giving me the bad news. Not only did he not get our stuff, but his contest is full with 18 bands. None of these emails were returned to me, as I was apparently sending them to his valid email address.

I am eagerly awaiting a return phone call to my cell so I can try and sort this out. I have also contacted two alternative sites (Grove City and Westerville Centeral) to see if they have any room this weekend, but have not heard back from them as of yet. I just want you all to know that I followed protocols and contacted the contest through approved methods. I admit I should have confirmed a little earlier

Regardless, I will keep you posted as this develops. I would hate to have to cancel this weekend's performance, but it's all up in the air right now.


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