HS FMB Members: Homecoming Situation

Thanks to Jordan and Colene for bringing the homecoming dance/contest conflict to my attention. As per our discussion yesterday, HS band members (grades 9-12) who are interested in leaving contest early so they may attend the dance may do so if they wish. One of our two buses will return to FHS as soon as possible after our performance so we can make this happen. To be eligible, you must:
  • Be a in grades 9-12
  • Promise to take your own uniform and instrument back to FHS with you and put them in the proper place (except for percussion and sousaphone instruments).
  • Sign up on the sheet on my window so I know how many people are taking advantage of this one-time offer. At least 12 people must take advantage of this for the offer to be valid (otherwise I do not have enough room on the other bus to make this work logistically).
  • Have parental permission. No note is necessary, but I just want you to make sure that Mom and/or Dad know you are doing this.


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