Misc. Stuff (FMB)

  • 8th graders need to get their hats at the end of class tomorrow.
  • Everyone needs to wear hats and gauntlets (if it's part of your uniform) at rehearsal tomorrow night. They are the two biggest encumbrances of the uniform and playing in them before our shows Friday/Saturday will be very beneficial.
  • Friday rehearsal is at 5:45 before the game. Saturday rehearsal is 2:45 before we depart for Hilliard at 3:30.
  • Hilliard itineraries are on the info rack if you need them. Or you can just click here.
  • Make sure you have your gloves, gauntlets, black socks, and black shoes for Friday.
  • If your uniform suspender straps tend to fall down inside your coat, a shoestring, or a carabiner clip work really well to attach the straps in the back. Please do not use duct tape.
  • Please take care of your senior show music...put it on your clipboard or in another safe place. We will sight read both 7th period on Wednesday.


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