Prize Review

Here's a review of the fundraising prizes in case you didn't get them all written down or can't read your own handwriting :-)


10 items by Monday - 1lb Sugar Daddy and entry into $25 money card drawing.

16 items - Moosician Tshirt

20 items - 5lb bag of Gummi Bears

30 items - $25 money card

40 items - Samsung MP4 player

60 items - $50 (total) money card

100 items - $75 (total) money card

Be sure to show me your order sheet on monday at the beginning of your class period on Monday to be eligibe! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Jacob said…
I would hate to e the dentist for anyone who gets the 1lb sugar daddy AND the 5lb bag of gummy bears...

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