Video From Friday's Game (Sept. 5)

Here's the video from this past Friday night vs. Mechanicsburg. Music was quite good. Individual execution was our biggest issue. We have some interval/spacing issues in parts of the drill that we have not cleaned in a while (like the first half of part III). Please feel free to make constructive comments on this post. Perhaps you see something that we do not. See you Monday! Two rehearsals to Hilliard contest.


Paige said…
It don't look as good from the ground as it does from the stands. We all did pretty good.
Stauffer said…
Where are the parts? All I hear is melody. This means either you learned the melody instead of your own part, or you're not playing strong enough.

Company front: even though it may not hit a straight line, you can certainly fix it within two steps with your peripheral vision.

CONVINCE THE AUDIENCE that you know EXACTLY where you're going with the 4's after the company front. Some are still sloshing through the move.

Guard: the judges will eat you ALIVE if you don't get together and fix your routine. Use counts, and be sure you know where the flag is on each HALF BEAT (e.g. straight up on the "and" of 3). THIS MUST BE DONE if you want the band to succeed the way it should.

Transition to "No Good Deed" needs some reps to get solid. If that is truly the tempo that you will stick with, then the feet need to agree throughout the piece.

Victor: give the band more information than they need when the rit. comes ("Got to bring us... down"). Be crystal clear so everyone including Grandma knows what you want.

Overall, great job band. Good luck Saturday. I'm sorry I won't be there since Miami decided to have a game then. Go BAND!

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