Video from Lima Perry 9/19/08

FMB Lima 9-19-08 from Ben Keller on Vimeo.

I thought it was your best show yet. Constructive criticism? Do you know what you or we need to work on this week? Seven days to our next contest!


Jordan said…
Here's a few things I think we can work on,
-Controlling intoneation when changing notes. (and in general)
-Understanding where the major impact points are in the show, and how they should be played
-Some tempos aren't agreeing with eachother
-Having a clearer sound
-Having breath prepared before we play
-The distance between feet during a park and blow or the visual. (some were wide some were narrow)
-And a few spacing issues
:) -Jordan
Leanna said…
holy cow Mr.K did you just campliment the baritones??
Stauffer said…
Victor, when did you learn to conduct? You look great!

The diagonals MUST HIT. get there!

The series of 8 need to rep a lot to clean after the backwards company front.

nice visual to start No Good Deed, but step off as well on the next set.

Don' move early after the hold to finish the 2nd song!

spacing in the curvalinear set needs to be cleaner

was there a set to honor The Onion?

if you're in a line that splits yard lines, use the sideline in front of you to make sure you're a true 4 steps away.

Need to rep the rotations in the closer

Overall, very good. I had a chance to hear Avon Lake do the same Phantom show you did a few years ago. You played it better because you could tell everyone in your band was playing.

Keep up the good work!
victor said…
Sometimes it sounds like trumpets are pinching and the tone is too bright. I think some of this is just the quality of the audio though.

We are still having problems staying together on "No One Mourns the Wicked" at the end of Part II.

Somebody is still not hitting their spot before the float in "Defying Gravity" and therefore missing the visual.

Trombones rocked the soli in Part II.

The park and blow was the best it's ever been. This is the first time that it has felt like a park and blow to me.

This video doesn't do justice but the music during the float on "Defying Gravity" was awesome.

And on a final bad note, my podlium was REALLY wobbly.

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