UPDATED: FMB - Circleville/FES October 16

REMINDER: Don't forget your marching shoes and black socks!

Our annual performances at Fairbanks Elementary and the Circleville Pumpkin Show are on Thursday, October 16. We will load at 8:15 and depart for FES at 8:30. Our first performance is at 9:30 at Fairbanks Elementary school. We will load up again and travel to Circleville where we will peform in the 3:30 parade. We will return to FHS at 7PM.

Members will need to bring spending money for both lunch and dinner, as well as any rides/games/shopping, etc. that they wish to do. Dress is full uniform. If you are not riding the bus back to FHS, please be sure to get a note to Mr. Keller before we leave at 8:30. If you are interested in chaperoning this event, contact Mrs. Garwood.


Kirsten said…
my parents signed up to bring drinks for before the game tonight...

=/ but since there was no school, how does this work?

Do we still have to have it there by 3:05, or should we not bring it at all?

Because I thought the whole point was to eat between school and the game, but there's no school...

Idk who else signed up to bring food and stuff, but yeah.

How is this going to work? cuz I really dont know and my mom is confused, too.
fhsbando said…
Good point, Kirsten. I'm guessing the boosters didn't take into consideration that there's no school today. Mom and Dad want to bring it at 5 to drink before we leave that would be cool, or we can have it during 3rd quarter tonight also. Or if it's not convenient tonight, just ditch alltogether. It's your call. Call me if you need further advice. :-)
rachel claar said…
mr keller its rachel claar,
do we have rehersal monday cuz thats wat the calendar say on the webpage. i wasnt sure because i thought wednesday was our last rehersal??????
Anonymous said…
mr keller its rachel claar, i waz wondering if we had rehersal monday cuz thats wat the calendar says on the web page and i thought wednesday was our last rehersal???
fhsbando said…
See the latest blog post above: Reminders for Friday


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