Fundraiser Delivery Thursday, October 30

The music department's fall fundraiser earned almost $4000 to support our fine Fairbanks musicians this year. All of the items and prizes will be delivered tomorrow before 1:30. Here's the pickup schedule:
5th Grade Band: pick up during class at 11:33
6th Grade Band: pick up during class at 12:17
JHCB: pick up during end of 7th period at 1:445
Choir: pick up during the beginning of 6th period at 1:14
FHSCB: pick up during the end of 7th period at 2:50.

All items must be taken home on Thursday, October 30. Cheese and sausage products contain no preservatives so must be delivered immediately or refrigerated. All money is due by November 8. Please make checks payable to Fairbanks Band and reduce change where possible. If you really want to make collections easy for me, just have customers pay you and then write one check for the total amount.

If you chose not to sell, and are still interested in making a donation, just write a check payable to Fairbanks Band and put it in an envelope and label it "donation" and put your child's name on it as well. Thanks to everyone who sold items or made a donation. The department could not operate without your help and support!


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