Video From Worthington Contest

Here's video from Worthington contest. I think you'll understand why things ended the way they did after viewing and hearing. Although it was our strongest performance of the year, there were still quite a few noticeable individual execution errors in performance. Music was very strong, but still out of balance in several key sections. The judges very much liked the drill and the props, and I especially learned a lot of things this season that will help me prepare for next fall and help our success in the upcoming seasons. Only those open to criticism will ever improve and I'm proud of you for continuing to move in a positive direction thoughout this season, FMB members. Also a BIG thanks to all the parents, family, and friends that helped out with our impromptu props on Saturday. We could not have done it without you!

FMB Worthington 2008 from Ben Keller on Vimeo.


rachel c said…
hey mr.keller its rachel claar, at the end of part 3 where we have the 8 counts of silence the drumlines visual was created my me. it looks amazing!!!!

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