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We Are NOT Marching Today

I can't get ahold of anyone in charge of the parade, so since it is 37 degrees and pouring, I am CANCELLING the FMB's performance today. Please spread the word to your friends who may not have internet access. Thanks for your flexibility and preparation. See you all on Monday.

As Far As I Know...

The parade is still on. Come prepared for the elements and have your music memorized. School is open at 11AM. I will have raincoats available at line up at FES 12noon.

Parade Sunday

School open at 11am.
Warm at Noon at FES
Parade starts 1pm.
Done at 1:30pm
Full uniform

Support Us By Eating at BW3!

We earn 15% of what you spend. Click the pic to enlarge, or print the coupon and eat up. Mmmmmm. Wings.

Reminder: Fundraiser Money Past Due

This is just a friendly reminder that all fundraising money is now past due.  Please be sure you put your money in the enclosed envelope (or any envelope with your name on it) and turn it in to Mr. Keller or Mr. Jerew as soon as possible.  Make checks payable to Fairbanks Band and try to reduce change if possible.

I'm Out. Be Good

I'm out ill today. Please be on your best behavior for Mr. Jerew. I hope to be back tomorrow.

Conferences Thursday (MS & HS)

I will be in my office Thursday until 3-4:30 and 5-7 PM and will be available for walk-in conferences. Please feel free to walk right in if you have questions about your student's progress in band, choir, or general music.

Music Boosters - Wednesday 6PM

The monthly business meeting of the Fairbanks Music Boosters will be held Wednesday, November 12 at 6 PM at the Buck Ridge Golf Course clubhouse. If you have questions, please contact Mary Ellen Garwood.

The Heat Pump From H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (WARNING: RANT)

So, there's apparently a heat transfer pump inside the utility access crawl space underneath my office. All was well until about three years ago, when the pump started to fail. The bad news is that it never actually failed. It's been grinding bearings and limping along for several seasons now. It goes off for about 10 seconds at a time then shutting off. Sometimes there's 10 seconds between buzzing noises. Sometimes it's about 20 seconds. Regardless, it is impossible to get any work done in my office while this menace is still functioning. I have addressed this with the head custodian for two years now with no attempt at fixing or replacing this menace pump. I have brought it to the attention of my boss for the last two year as well, and nothing has been done. I did get someone on the custodial staff to admit that it is indeed in need of replacing, but that's all the further I have gotten as far as progress. It has apparently been brought to the attentio…

Pep Band Sign-Ups

Just a reminder that pep band sign ups continue through Wenesday, 11/12. Please put your name on the list on my window. Tshirt order forms will be available sometime next week!

Quote for Today: Picasso

"It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction."
-Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

FHSCB Challenge Results

Phipps def. Rausch
Pontius def. Fisher
McKean def. Perez

No other changes at this time.

Thank you for the high quality of your challenge performances.

Middle School Conferences Tonight

I will be in my office tonight until 6:30 and available for walk-in conferences. Please feel free to walk right in if you have questions about your student's progress in band, choir, or general music. I will also be at next week's conferences for middle and high schools.

What An Amazing Piece

Mr. Jerew and I were listening to Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 today and decided to look up the sheet music online and follow along. Ever have any doubt that composers are geniuses? After looking and listening to this, I hope you agree Liszt was an exceptional composer and performer of the highest degree. You can download the sheet music (public domain) by clicking here. You can buy the recording at either iTunes or Amazon for only $.99. It's worth it. I tell you! You'll be humming it all day long.

Pep Band Information Available

The 2008-2009 Fairbanks Basketball Pep Band

Pre-Season Rehearsals:
Monday, December 8, 3:00 – 5:30
Wednesday, December 10, 3:00 - 5:30
All Band members are asked to attend BOTH rehearsals.

Date - Opponent - Rehearsal Begins
Friday, December 12 - Upper Scioto Valley - 5:30
Tuesday, December 23 - North Union (Seniors & Alumni) - 6:00
Friday, January 9 - Ridgemont - 6:00
Thursday, January 15 - Waynesfield (Girls’ BB) - 5:45
Friday, January 30 - Riverside - 6:00
Saturday, February 7 - Wellington - 6:00
Friday, February 13 - Granville Christian - 6:00
Tuesday, February 17 - River Valley - 6:00

All events are listed on the Official Calendar of Events

• All band members in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in Basketball Pep Band. Attendance is expected at all rehearsals and performances.

• There are only two after-school rehearsals. Every other rehearsal is directly before a game. We will play the 4th quarter of the JV game, in-between games, and during the varsity game. Band…

Levy Results: You Did It!!!!

The Fairbanks operating levy passed last night 1887 to 1775. That is a difference of 112 votes. Thanks to the entire Fairbanks community for reaching into their stretched pocketbooks to give up the small additional amount to keep our schools running in the excellent manner that you and our students have come to expect.

Unofficial Results

I actually had to break out the calculator to total each precinct. Here's my unofficial count:

For the levy: 1781
Against the levy: 1650

Looks like it passes to me. I couldn't not be more pleased that the voters of the Fairbanks Local Schools have show their support and appreciation for the good work our teachers, students, and administrators do each day!

Levy Results: Union County Board Of Elections

Up-to-the-minute levy results can be found here:

Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone who cast their "yes" vote for our Fairbanks students!

On The Eve Of The Election...

I want to start this pre-election post by reminding you to vote tomorrow, November 4, if you have not already done so. Remember that if you choose not to choose, you still have made a choice. Make your choice count!Secondly, I want to give my personal testimony about the Fairbanks emergency levy renewal and addition which comes before the voters this election season. I urge you to join me and please vote "yes" on the school levy. As a resident of the district, a parent of two Fairbanks students, and as a faculty member on our fine staff, I have a unique insight into the state of our district. I can attest that the quality of education provided here is one of the finest around. Districts of comparable size in central Ohio can't hold a candle to the expertise of our faculty and the educational atmosphere present here at Fairbanks.
I can, however, also attest that the Fairbanks Local Schools do not provide many frills. We survive daily with old computers and little to no …

Fundraising Collections - Important Information

*Be sure to deliver or refrigerate all cheese and sausage products promptly. They do not contain preservatives and will spoil easily.

*Have customers make checks payable to Fairbanks Band, or if you prefer, have them make checks payable to you and then write one check to Fairbanks Band. Cash is also accepted. If you include cash, please reduce change whenever possible.

*If customers are not satisfied in any way with their products, do not return the item to me. Have them call the 800 number on the product and a replacement or refund will be sent directly to them.

*All money is due no later than November 8. Please return your money in a timely manner. Do not place envelopes of cash or checks in my mailbox or sit them on my desk. Be sure to hand your envelope directly to myself or Mr. Jerew.

*If there are missing or incorrect items in your order, please notify me promptly so the correct item can be ordered as soon as possible.

*If you have any questions or problems with your order, fee…

FHSCB Challenges Still Open Monday

Due to the rush at the end of the period on Friday, I forgot to post the challenge sheet in a timely manner. To compensate, challenges will remain open today if you wish to declare. You must still notify the person you are challenging by the end of the day in person, and you must sign up on the list on the office window. Challenges will still take place this Friday, November 7, and will be performed live for me (not videotaped). Please be prepared!