Fundraising Collections - Important Information

*Be sure to deliver or refrigerate all cheese and sausage products promptly. They do not contain preservatives and will spoil easily.

*Have customers make checks payable to Fairbanks Band, or if you prefer, have them make checks payable to you and then write one check to Fairbanks Band. Cash is also accepted. If you include cash, please reduce change whenever possible.

*If customers are not satisfied in any way with their products, do not return the item to me. Have them call the 800 number on the product and a replacement or refund will be sent directly to them.

*All money is due no later than November 8. Please return your money in a timely manner. Do not place envelopes of cash or checks in my mailbox or sit them on my desk. Be sure to hand your envelope directly to myself or Mr. Jerew.

*If there are missing or incorrect items in your order, please notify me promptly so the correct item can be ordered as soon as possible.

*If you have any questions or problems with your order, feel free to contact me at 937-349-3721 ext. 1306 or email me at (preferred).


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