Pep Band Thanks; Wednesday Rehearsal; Friday Game

Thank you to all the member of the 2008-09 Fairbanks Basketball Pep Band for a great first rehearsal! We covered all the music that I wanted to approach on this first meeting. Keep up the great work. Rookies: keep working on the basics and play what you can. I know it is a lot of music to digest, but I must assure you that you're off to a great start!

Wednesday's rehearsal is the same time 3:15-5:15. If you could not make the Monday rehearsal, please be sure to be here for this last rehearsal before our first game on Friday. Speaking of, the call for Friday is 5:45 - please be ready to rehearse. Pep band t-shirts will not be ready until next week so please wear red/white Fairbanks garb on Friday.


Rachel Claar said…
we are so little

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