Race For The Cure

I'm usually not one to ask for your donations for philanthropic organizations other than my own. You know that if I ask you for money, I would rather it go to benefit our fine Fairbanks musicians!

However, I am making a rare exception, as I am running in the Columbus Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" on Saturday, May 16. I'm taking it on as more of a running challenge, but it is also a chance for me to raise money to benefit breast cancer research. Having a family member who is a breast cancer survivor, I thought it important to give you a chance to donate something (anything!) to this great cause and charity. You can easily make a donation of any amount by visiting my page and using your credit or debit card. I'm also running on a team with 10 other Fairbanks teachers, so you'll also be supporting our team in raising funds. If this is not your thing, or there are no funds to give, I completely understand, but if this cause is dear to you, or this seems to be the time and place to give, please visit the link and make a donation...

...and if you're downtown on May 16 look for me in the race. I'll be the one in the red shirt ;-)


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