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Updated Football Schedule

I was just made aware of a few changes to the varsity football schedule. There's lots of good news for FMB members, too! Our first two games are on the road, which means we don't need to learn pre-game until September. Secondly, senior night is on the last week of the season, so we'll have plenty of time to prep the new show this year. We DO have the huge road trip to Upper Scioto Valley, but the other trips are not too long, with a visit to North Union, Ridgemont, Southeastern, and Riverside high schools. These changes will be reflected on the Official Calendar of Events as well.

Band Camp Info

All of the band camp information that was handed out on Tuesday is available online at Be sure to sign up for a room and a roommate by Friday on the bulletin board in the band room!

District Summer Newsletter!

Band members are featured in the Summer edition of the Fairbanks district newsletter! Click the pic to enlarge, or click here for the full newsletter! You all had a wonderful Spring concert season :-)

FMB - Emergency Medical Form

I need an emergency medical form on file for each band member no later than the first day of band camp on August 1. Paper copies will be available at pre-camp the week of July 20 Fill it out and return it to the booster mailbox next week. Everyone must have a form on file before they will be allowed to stay at camp.

Download the emergency medical form in .pdf format.

How To Contact Me

The best way to contact me, as always, is via email. My blackberry is always at my side and I will get your message moments after you send it. Drop me a note at if you need anything. Students are also welcome to keep me informed of your status, lateness, emergencies via text. If you need to call me, please call my cell, but realize that if you're not in my address book you will go straight to voice mail, so leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I also will not check messages or answer my phone during rehearsal, but will check on breaks.

As most contact during the summer is about attendance issues, be sure to review the attendance policy before contacting me. All members are required to be at all events unless excused in advance or there is an emergency. We are not at our best unless YOU are HERE. There is no "bench" in band.

If you have questions or concerns about FMB Polos, band camp payments, candy bar payments, chaperoni…

Welcome Back!

Yes...the 2009 FMB season is about to get underway! I'm ready for a great season and you should be too. We've got a fine list of personnel, a great camp staff, and an exciting show that is going to WOW crowds to their feet! I'll be posting regularly to the blog and the Twitter feed so be sure to check in daily for information on the upcoming rehearsals and performances.

Here's next week's schedule:
Monday 7/20: Rookie Camp - 8AM-noon (Rookies and section leaders)
Monday7/20: Drumline rehearsal - 1PM-4PM
Tuesday 7/21: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon.
Wednesday 7/22: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon.
Thursday 7/23: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon.
Friday 7/24: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon.

*Come to every rehearsal with your instrument, music, and a pencil.
*Be sure to be prepared with athletic shoes and socks (no sandals or flip flops).
*Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
*Water will be provided, but if FHS water is not to your taste, bring a water bottle or cooler jug.
*Come prepar…