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FMB In The News

FMB: You were in Wednesday's paper in full color! Click the pic to see more :-)

JHCB: Turn In Your Interims!

JHCB folks....turn in your interims! They were due today. I still do not have returned interim reports from:
Chris A. Curtis Q. Riley R. Tyler S. Melany S. Robert S. Colton T. Megan W.

BUMP - FMB Seniors: Things to Listen To

Here's some early nominations for senior show. I like all three of these and think they would be doable. Please listen and feel free to comment here or via email to me. If you haven't searched yet, go to Stanton's Sheet Music and see what you like. It must be grade 3 or easier.

Seven Nation Army
All the Small Things
Here It Goes Again
Dancing Queen
American Woman
James Bond Theme
Mambo No. 5
The Way You Move
Fly Like An Eagle
Canned Heat
Livin La Vida Loca
Twist and Shout
I Want You Back
Lady Marmalade
One Day I'll Fly Away

Seniors: Last call for Senior Show Music

FMB Seniors: I need recommendations for senior show music by Wednesday morning so we can vote Wednesday afternoon. I'm going music shopping on Thursday morning. Go to Stanton's Sheet Music and search the archives of what's in print and send me what you like. It needs to be "grade 3" or easier for us to put together quickly. I put up links earlier on the blog from my earlier submissions. Let me know what you think if you care to.

NYC 2009...Whaddya Think?

I'm starting to put together our semi-annual trip to New York City for this coming April, and I need some preliminary numbers to start planning. I'll be passing out a survey tomorrow, September 30, and asking (without commitment) whether students and/or parents would be interested in going on the trip to NYC. Preliminary estimates for a four day/three night stay are $700-$800. This includes dinner at Sardi's and Hard Rock Cafe, The Guggenheim Museum, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, TODAY show/Rockefeller Plaza, shopping on Fifth Avenue and Times Square, a bus tour of the city including several hours in Central Park. We'll stay just across the River in New Jersey and bus in through the Lincoln Tunnel each day. The price also includes the New York Philharmonic and TWO Broadway shows. What do you think? Are you interested at this price point? Written surveys will be distributed on Wednesday. We need at least 30 people to make this trip wor…

OSU Full Schedule Of Bands

Click the image to enlarge.

OSU Discount Ticket Info

The Buckeye Invitaional band contest is this Saturday! We hope that anyone and everyone in the Columubs area will come and support the FMB in their moment at the Horseshoe!

Tickets are $10 at the door for the all-day contest, but discount tickets are available if you are interested. Receive $8 discounted tickets, call 614-688-5926 between 3 and 6pm today through Thursday and use your credit card to get the discount. Please be sure to tell the ticket people that you are with "Fairbanks High School" to get the discount tickets.

FMB: Itineraries for USV/OSU

Here's all the details for our big weekend! Click each image to enlarge.

Fall Fundraiser Forms Due Monday!

Please turn in your Century order form on Monday. Make sure you name is clearly written on the form. If you have multiple forms, make sure they are stapled or paper clipped together. Also make sure you have specified any prizes that you have a choice in (Hoodie vs. puppy and MP3 player vs. Visa card.) Do not send any money at this time. Send money only after delivery the week of October 19.

Contest Weekend Multimedia Extravaganza!

Pictures and video from Friday night have been posted on the flickr and vimeo pages. Photos from Saturday are also on the flickr page. Video is also embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Ms. Janchar for taking the majority of the photos this weekend. It's hard to believe we even had trouble getting the cameras out much on Saturday because it rained so much! Thanks again, FMB members, for a very rewarding weekend!

FMB Contest Show 9/25/09 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.

Contest Recaps - Canal Winchester 9/25

Click image to enlarge.

From OSUMB: Tshirt Info

Buckeye Invitational Band Directors and Students,

The Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi here at Ohio State are pleased to announce that we will again be selling commemorative 2009 Buckeye Invitational T-Shirts. The cost of the shirts will remain the same as previous years, $15 for sizes S to XL and $17 for XXL or larger. All of the proceeds that are raised in the t-shirt sale help our fraternity to provide The Best Damn Band in the Land with practice uniforms, “Grays”, free of charge for all incoming Rookies in addition to numerous other service projects that directly help out the OSUMB.

These t-shirts are only available for purchase at the Buckeye Invitational!!! We have a limited quantity being produced for this event, since they are unique each year. There is a possibility of us running out of these t-shirt at the event. If this happens, the brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi will send out an email to you after the Buckeye Invitational and send a re-order form to your school. More of this wil…

FMB first in class B at Canal Winchester!

First in class B in the muddiest conditions I've ever seen. You guys are amazing! Enjoy every moment, as victories are sometimes hard to come by, but you earned every point today. 7 days to OSU! I'm beat and heading to bed. I'll have pictures and video up sometime on Sunday.

The Power of the Pentatonic (5-tone) Scale

Thanks to my friend Mindy for sharing this with me. It's amazing the power of music in its most basic and guttural form.

As Promised: Nursery School Marching Band (via Stauffer)

A Few Words from th NU Festival Chairperson

I just got this from Merry Smith, the chairperson for the NU Band festival. I just thought I would share with you so you know what all may or may not happen this Saturday. -BK

Hello everyone! I wanted to touch base with you about Saturday's NU Festival of Bands. We originally did not create an alternate rain date (avoidance and denial perhaps on my part) but with the recent weather forecast, I thought it would be best to have an idea of what we might do if we have bad weather.

We will of course continue with the festival in the event of regular rain. If you arrive at the school and it begins storming with lightning, we have been given the OK to move into the gymnasium. Not an ideal situation I realize, but we would still get to enjoy some good music, concessions will be open, and the kids would still be able to mingle with each other. This decision would be made around 6:00 so with the exception of Fairbanks, the rest of the bands will have arrived.

If we know by 3:00 that we a…

FMB: Canal Contest Schedule

Here's who is all at the Canal Winchester contest on Saturday. It looks to be a nice line up of both big and small schools. Just a reminder that we are a class C band performing up in class B. Click the image to enlarge.

Weekend Notes From Mrs Garwood:

Good afternoon everyone...Wanted to give you a heads up regarding this weekends band festivities! 1. Friday night after school all kids will go home. There will be NO chaperones they should be back at school when dictated by Mr. Keller. 

2. Saturday morning. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast as it is a full day of events. We will give the kids a snack before they perform at 2:15. Once they are done performing we will provide sandwiches for the kids.We will leave after awards and head to North Union to perform.  The kids will be on their own for food that evening. Please send money with them for food and drink. Also, please send extra pair of black dry socks. There is rain in the forecast. Have your child(ren) bring extra socks and clothes to change into in case what they are wearing under their uniform gets wet. They can change into dry clothes / socks. It will be a very long day and they need to be prepared. If you have any questions please give me a call...614-306-430…

Drum Break 09

Just in case you missed it in the flickr stream, here's a short vid of the drum break from Friday night. It went quite well.

Directions for Saturday

Here's maps for both Canal Winchester High School and North Union High School. Click on the map, put in your start address, and map your route.

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Capital Fall Concert - Oct. 4

An outstanding program by a fine ensemble. The concert is free and open to the public. More info at

FMB: Home Game Friday

Friday night's home game welcomes the Lima Perry band to Kyre field. We will keep the same schedule as our last home game with rehearsal at 5:15. You will need your full uniform, including gloves, gauntlets, socks, and shoes. Click the itinerary to enlarge.

Itinerary for Canal Winchester/North Union

*Saturday is going to be a BUSY day. Please read the itinerary carefully. Click it to enlarge.

*You need to wear a BLACK tshirt (of any kind/type) under your costume tshirt.

*We load at 10am and don't return until almost 10pm. You'll need money for one concession stand meal (dinner). Lunch will be provided by the boosters. You are welcome to bring snacks to get you through the day if you wish.

*This will be our first shows in costume. We're still figuring out how this all is going to work so we ask that you be flexible and accomodating. Help us make this work by being patient, remaining calm, and following directions.

FMB Picture Update

Pictures from the 9/18 game at Riverside are on the flickr page. Thanks to Ms. Janchar and Paytie for helping me take pics!

FMB: Video from Riverside 9/18

Comments are welcome.
FMB @ Riverside 9/18/09 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.

Fall Fundraiser Information

Sale begins: Today! September 17
Sale ends: September 28 (forms are due)
Delivery: Week of October 19
Money is due: November 2

*Take orders now. Don't collect money until products are delivered. At that time, make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band." We encourage students to sell only to people that they know and parents also to sell only to people they know. Work, church, and community groups are excellent places for you to find people who want to support our music program.

*Make sure your name and group are on your order form and envelope.

*Extra order forms are available in the band room for MS/HS students. At FES, homeroom teachers will have extra order forms.

Sell 8 items by Friday - show your order form to Mr. Keller and earn the "hang up keychain" and a chance at a mystery money card!
Sell 12 items total - 1lb chocolate bar
Sell 18 items total - 5lb bag of gummi bears
Sell 25 items total - giggling dog or Fairbanks Band hoodie
Sell 50 items total - 8gb…

Fall Fundraiser Kicks Off Today!

The music department's annual Fall fundraiser kicks off today! Order forms will be due on September 28 and products will be delivered the week of October 19. Later today, I will have all the details posted here on the blog including prizes, important dates, and directions for students to earn credit toward prizes by selling online. I'm excited once again to be using Century products, including beef Summer sausage, cold pack cheddar cheese, chocolates, and holiday items. Check back Friday for even more details! If everyone does a little, we'll reach our goal and the Fairbanks music department will have the means necessary to provide another year of quality music education to our fine students!Parents: look for your student's fundraising envelope tonight! :)

5th Band Update

For parents who missed the meeting:

For all parents:

If you didn't get the band packet that was sent home today, parents, you can view everything here by clicking to enlarge.

5/6 Band Schedule Next Week

6th Band - Due to the MS field trip on Friday, we lose a day of woodwind class. Just a reminder Monday is Percussion day, Tuesday is Brass, and Wednesday is Woodwinds.

5th Band - Next week we will meet on the following days:
Monday - Flutes
Tuesday - Clarinets
Wednesday - Saxophones
Thursday - Trumpets and Trombones
Friday - Percussionists
If you have your instrument, please bring it. If you do not, don't panic. You'll be able to survive this first class without it :-) Percussionists are to bring their books and sticks.

I'll have books available for sale. Please send $8 cash or check payable to Fairbanks Band and I'll send a book home with your student.

Music at Miami Day - Oct. 21

Click images to enlarge

JHCB - Permission Slips; Chair Auditions

I still need "Spirit of America" field trip permission slips from: Alli B. and Zach R. Please turn these in first thing on Thursday AM.

Chair auditions will be on Friday now and continue on Monday. Please be prepared: Winds are to play B-flat and chromatic scales, as well as their prepared section of Home of the Brave. Percussionists need to have their rudiments prepared and their prepared excerpt No. 100.

BUMP: The Easiest Fundraiser EVER

If you shop at Kroger, the store will donate 5% of your purchases to the Fairbanks Music Boosters if you just follow the directions below. Go to and sign in to link your Kroger Plus shopping card to the Music Boosters and you're done! No gift cards or stopping at customer service. If everyone who shops at Kroger does this, it could be a TREMENDOUS source of income. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact Karla Long.

If you need specific instructions, you can click on the image below to enlarge.

BGSU Music Discovery Day - Oct. 19

Click the image to enlarge

JHCB: Field trip Permission Forms

JHCB members (my home room) are reminded that they need to get their "Spirit of America" permission slips in by Wednesday, September 16.
(Pardon the brevity...I'm on my Blackberry :-)

Tentative Schedule for OSU on October 3

I just received the tentative schedule for our contest at OSU on October 3. Looks like the competition will be fierce! Marysville HS will also be performing, but much later in the day. We're tentatively scheduled to perform at 10:45 AM with awards being at 6:30. More details to come as they are confirmed. Click the pic to enlarge.

Itinerary for Riverside 9/18/09

Load at 4:45. Depart at 5:15. Return 11pm. Full uniform. Click the image to enlarge and get all the details!

Directions to Riverside for Friday

Click the "View Larger Map" link at the bottom for a detailed map with driving directions.

View Larger Map

Multimedia Extravaganza Pt. 2

Video from Friday night is also posted not only for your enjoyment, but also for your critique. I thought things went much better than last week, but I hope you agree we have a long way to go before our contest debut on September 26.

FMB Home Premiere 9/11/09 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.

FMB: Pictures from Triad

Pictures from Friday night's home premiere are on the official picture page. It was a beautiful evening, and it sure is reflected in the fantastic pictures that Ms. Janchar took. (Mine turned out okay too) We hope you enjoy!


I just received official word moments ago. The FMB will be performing at Ohio Stadium on October 3! Details are still TBA, but it is quite an honor to be performing at this invitational contest. I hope you're all as excited as I am, and aim to do your best in this HUGE stage!

12 Minutes of iPod Lovin' a Day Will Keep Your Heart Healthy [Music]

12 Minutes of iPod Lovin' a Day Will Keep Your Heart Healthy [via Gizmodo]: "I've got a playlist that never fails to make my heart go boom-baboom-baboom just a bit faster. According to a study from the University of Belgrade, 12 minutes of that playlist a day might actually leave me healthier and happier.Over the course of a seven year study, Dr Predrag Mitrovic of the University of Belgrade looked at the effects of music therapy on the heart. Turns out that happy, joyful music (what qualifies for that is a matter of opinion) might have health benefits due to 'decreasing sympathetic nervous activity.'Basically a cheery song or two a day might not keep the doctor away, but it's got some pleasant effects:Patients who listened to music had less anxiety, although the score did not reach statistical significance, and statistically significant reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressures and heart rate. Patients who listened to music also had significantly l…

JHCB Playing Auditions Start Tuesday 9/15

(Pardon the brevity...I'm on my Blackberry :-)

FMB: Itinerary for Friday's Home Game

In short: Rehearse 5:15, Done at 9:40. Full uniform (FMB Tshirt underneath). Click the image to enlarge and get all the details.

FMB: Weekend Multimedia

Pictures from our game at Southeastern are available on the Flickr page! Video is also available below. Comments welcome.

FMB 9/4/09 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.

Boost Your Brain's Health with Loud Music [via Lifehacker]

Boost Your Brain's Health with Loud Music [Mind Hacks]: "Generally speaking, things that are good for you aren't always the most enjoyable. But there are certain cases when being 'bad' can actually help improve your health. Enjoy blasting your music, for example? Then you're in luck.Photo by rossinabossio.A while back, we covered ten bad things that are good for you. Now London's The Daily Mail is chiming in with some more 'bad' habits that, if applied properly, can actually benefit you. We've already mentioned how swearing can help relieve pain, but the Mail also says that blasting loud music is a good way to stimulate your brain. (Your ear drums on the other hand? Probably not so much, so be careful!)According to researchers at Manchester University, music fans are stimulating part of the inner ear known as the sacculus, which responds to the beat in music. This gives the brain pleasure and makes us feel good — during the music and afterwards…

FMB: Next Week's THURSDAY Rehearsal

This is a BIG reminder to all FMB members that next week's after-school rehearsal schedule is Wednesday and THURSDAY from 3:15 to 5:15. The Labor Day holiday always throws a kink in this week, but it has been on the calendar like this since March, so please make arrangements if you've not already to rehearse on Thursday after school.

Princess and the Frog (giveaway)

Any student want a "Princess and the Frog" poster? First commenter gets it. See me in my office to pick it up!

Erich Kunzel Dies at 74 (via Stauffer)

Erich Kunzel Dies at 74: "Erich Kunzel, one of the world's foremost conductors, has passed away today at the age of 74. He was diagnosed with colon, pancreatic, and liver cancer a few months ago, which forced him to cancel a number of concerts over the summer.
Kunzel was the conductor of the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. For a great number of years, he led the Pops on various recordings on the Telarc label. These recordings made Cincinnati one of the better known orchestras across the country and the world. He has also been the conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra, seen during major holidays on PBS.
For more about Erich Kunzel's passing and career, click here.

FMB Parents: Directions to Southeastern for Friday

Itinerary for Southeastern 9/4/09

Load at 5:00. Depart 5:30. Return to FHS at 10:30. Summer uniform. All the details are on the itinerary. Click HERE or on the pic to enlarge.

A Much-Needed Makeover

Yeah...I did a HUGE makeover on the blog last night and I hope it fits the needs of such an important communication tool. The template is a little wider, and the text is much more readable. I also added quite a bit more color to it and I think it compliments the site very well. I especially like the Twitter box in the right column and wish I could claim to have designed it. What do you think?