Contest Weekend Multimedia Extravaganza!

Pictures and video from Friday night have been posted on the flickr and vimeo pages. Photos from Saturday are also on the flickr page. Video is also embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Ms. Janchar for taking the majority of the photos this weekend. It's hard to believe we even had trouble getting the cameras out much on Saturday because it rained so much! Thanks again, FMB members, for a very rewarding weekend!

FMB Contest Show 9/25/09 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.


Me said…
thats not the contest mr. keller
fhsbando said…
The copy clearly states that "pictures and video from Friday night" have been posted. I don't have video from Saturday yet. It's still encapsulated in the strange plastic and magnetic tape shell we call a VHS cassette. Give me a few days, k? :-)

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