Fall Fundraiser Information

Sale begins: Today! September 17
Sale ends: September 28 (forms are due)
Delivery: Week of October 19
Money is due: November 2

*Take orders now. Don't collect money until products are delivered. At that time, make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band." We encourage students to sell only to people that they know and parents also to sell only to people they know. Work, church, and community groups are excellent places for you to find people who want to support our music program.

*Make sure your name and group are on your order form and envelope.

*Extra order forms are available in the band room for MS/HS students. At FES, homeroom teachers will have extra order forms.

Sell 8 items by Friday - show your order form to Mr. Keller and earn the "hang up keychain" and a chance at a mystery money card!
Sell 12 items total - 1lb chocolate bar
Sell 18 items total - 5lb bag of gummi bears
Sell 25 items total - giggling dog or Fairbanks Band hoodie
Sell 50 items total - 8gb Eclipse media player or $50 Visa Gift Card
Sell 80 items total - Mini Fridge

*Be sure to put your choice of dog/hoodie or Eclipse/Visa in the prize box at the top front of your form. Be sure to specify even if you don't think you qualify for these level prizes because your internet orders are added to your order form items! Prizes will be delivered with the products on the week of October 19.

*All Century products have a 100% money back guarantee. If a product is delivered and your customer is dissatisfied or the item is broken or spoiled, have them call the 800 number on the product and Century will refund their money or replace their item directly and have it shipped to their home without us losing our profit or students losing credit towards prizes. No other fundraising company gives this type of guarantee.

*The group (5th, 6th, 7/8, Choir, HS band) with the highest average sales per person will win a pizza/pop party!

*If everyone sells a little, then no one has to sell a lot.

*Do not underestimate the power of the Century internet store! Go to www.helpourgroup.com and submit email addresses of friends and family who are out of the area and a message will be sent to them from YOU. These sales are credited to your prizes. Products are shipped directly to your customers and you do not need to collect the money. How easy could it be? Be sure to use the group number 6337 whenever you are using the online site so that our students and group get the credit for any online purchases.

*If your family would prefer to not sell products to support the music department, we kindly ask that you make at least a $25 donation to the music department. I completely understand how busy families are and how many fundraisers they are asked to participate in. If you are too busy or just tired of having to sell stuff, a donation of $25 or more is a satisfying way to do your part to support our program. Please make a check payable to "Fairbanks Band", put it in an envelope, and put your child's name and "Donation" on the outside of the envelope and return to Mr. Keller at your convenience. I regret that prizes cannot be awarded if you choose the donation option.

*Finally, if you have any questions about this year's sale, please feel free to call me or email me. I want to do whatever I can to help your child reach his or her prize goals, as well as meet our overall goal of earning $6000 for our music program.


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