A Few Words from th NU Festival Chairperson

I just got this from Merry Smith, the chairperson for the NU Band festival. I just thought I would share with you so you know what all may or may not happen this Saturday. -BK

Hello everyone! I wanted to touch base with you about Saturday's NU Festival of Bands. We originally did not create an alternate rain date (avoidance and denial perhaps on my part) but with the recent weather forecast, I thought it would be best to have an idea of what we might do if we have bad weather.

We will of course continue with the festival in the event of regular rain. If you arrive at the school and it begins storming with lightning, we have been given the OK to move into the gymnasium. Not an ideal situation I realize, but we would still get to enjoy some good music, concessions will be open, and the kids would still be able to mingle with each other. This decision would be made around 6:00 so with the exception of Fairbanks, the rest of the bands will have arrived.

If we know by 3:00 that we aren't going to be able to hold the festival at all (severe storm, hurricane like winds for example), then we would cancel the show and it would be held next Saturday, October 3 @ 7:00. I realize some of you may not be able to attend so this will be avoided at all costs.

I realize that once bands are at NU, asking you to return again is not feasible for most bands. After 3:00 and once you are on your way, we will be performing in some way shape or form.

Again, I am remaining hopeful that the severe weather will be earlier in the day or not at all. We are pretty sure rain is inevitable, but the amount and duration is questionable. We've all marched in rain and although it is not ideal for the kids or the fans, it is still doable. Just pack the rain gear!

Thank you! We are looking forward to welcoming your band on Saturday!

Merry Smith


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