Multimedia Extravaganza Pt. 2

Video from Friday night is also posted not only for your enjoyment, but also for your critique. I thought things went much better than last week, but I hope you agree we have a long way to go before our contest debut on September 26.

FMB Home Premiere 9/11/09 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.


fhsbando said…
I gotta be honest, the music could have been better, but the drill execution was totally awesome! We had some interval issues in the closer, but part I and II were pretty clean. I really enjoyed watching this show on replay.
Leanna Mae said…
i wanna give props to sarah! she fell and got right back up shes awesome! lol and also good job...i could hear the baritones :) yay!
Anonymous said…
I thought everything as pretty good too, but I do have to ay the circles were pretty interesting. And congrats to Sarah!!!!

Ana Luisa said…
I thought it looked good. Really, this is super entertaining to watch. Mr.K did an awesome job charting this, and we get much better than we think we are every time we're on that field. It's just ... awesome.

PS: I gotta give props to Sarah, too. If I fell, I would take a while to get back up and in step, so that was flippin awesome ^-^b
Seth said…
The part I was really dissapointed in was the company front in Part One. other than that the show was really good.

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