Weekend Notes From Mrs Garwood:

Good afternoon everyone...Wanted to give you a heads up regarding this weekends band festivities! 1. Friday night after school all kids will go home. There will be NO chaperones they should be back at school when dictated by Mr. Keller. 

2. Saturday morning. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast as it is a full day of events. We will give the kids a snack before they perform at 2:15. Once they are done performing we will provide sandwiches for the kids.We will leave after awards and head to North Union to perform.  The kids will be on their own for food that evening. Please send money with them for food and drink. Also, please send extra pair of black dry socks. There is rain in the forecast. Have your child(ren) bring extra socks and clothes to change into in case what they are wearing under their uniform gets wet. They can change into dry clothes / socks. It will be a very long day and they need to be prepared. If you have any questions please give me a call...614-306-4307.  

3. Check with Mr. Keller's blog for all information about Saturday's events. If any child has an allergy to makeup please let us know before Saturday morning. Have a great rest of your week! See ya Saturday at contest/festival. 

Mary Ellen Garwood
(Pardon the brevity...I'm on my Blackberry :-)


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