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Quote for Today: Dare Mighty Things

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."
-Theodore Roosevelt

Directions for OMEA SMBF

Here's where Dublin Coffman HS is. See you there? :-)

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Pep Band Dates Published

With marching season nearly over, the Fairbanks Basketball Pep Band will be in full swing before you know it! The official calendar of events has been updated with all of the pep band rehearsals and games, so please plan ahead if you are participating this year. All band members in grades 7-12 are eligible for pep band. Sign ups will begin the week of November 9, and full details about the season will be published at that time as well.

Here's the tentative schedule:

Monday, November 30 - Full Rehearsal - 3:15-5:15
Wednesday, December 2 - Full Rehearsal - 3:15-5:15
Friday, December 4 - Triad - Call 6pm
Saturday, December 12 - Bishop Ready - Call 5pm
Friday, December 18 - Lima Perry - (Alumni and Seniors Only) - Call 6pm
Tuesday, January 12 - Olentangy Orange - Call 6pm
Friday, January 15 - Lima Temple - Call 6pm
Friday, January 29 - Marion Catholic - Call 6pm
Friday, February 5 - Waynesfield - Call 6pm
Saturday, January 20 - Madison Plains - (senior night) - Call 6pm

FMB: Updates for Friday 10/30

* Contrary to past practice, students will not only be allowed to stay after school on Friday before the game, but will be ENCOURAGED to do so :-) The Fairbanks Music Boosters will be hosting a tailgate for band members and families from 3:15-5:15. Bring some food to share if you are able. This has all come about because...

* Anthony Rothman from channel 6/28 will be at FHS from 5-6PM and doing live broadcasts throughout the 5pm newscast. Since we rehearse 5:15-5:45, you can get your chance to be on TV as a fan from 5-5:15. At 5:50, immediately after rehearsal, the band will be featured!

* Please be prepared for either uniform option as I would like to be in full uniform for senior night if at all possible. If the weather is inclement, we may opt for jeans and raincoats, but this is only as a last resort. If I have to get pants washed for State, then it's what I have to do. Also, please wear a red band shirt under your layers on Friday so we can at least look spirited during…

Sorry So Slow: New Pics

I uploaded pictures from FES concert/Circleville Pumpkin Show and the Marion Catholic game, but never sorted them into sets. Now they're all ready to go. Click and enjoy. Thanks to Ms. Janchar and Paytie I. for being my assistant photographers!

Senior write ups

Mrs. Reed still needs write ups from Colene, Leanna, and Moriah. Please get these in ASAP!
(Pardon the brevity...I'm on my Blackberry :-)

FMB Seniors: Senior Night Info

From Mrs. Reed:

Here is the time line for Friday’s senior night ceremony:
6:15 – Parents (and cross country runners and golfers) will meet at the visitor’s side 50 yard line
6:25 – Cheerleaders/Band Members/Football Players dismissed to join their parents at the 50 yard line.
6:30 – Ceremony will begin (The Ceremony should be over by 6:45.)

Below is a memo I am giving to the seniors participating in the Senior Night Activities.

Fall Senior Night
Friday, October 30th
Football Field

--Seniors Please Pass This Information On To Your Parents--

On Friday, October 30th we will honor our seniors and their parents during a pre-game ceremony before the football game. All Parents (along with Cross Country Runners and Golfers) will gather at the visitors’ side 50 yard line at 6:15 p.m. Football Players, Band Members and Cheerleaders will be dismissed by their coach/advisor and will join their parents at 6:25. We will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Seniors and parents will line up on the 50 yard line and …

Music Arts "Horns A Plenty" Sale!

If you're in the market for a new wind instrument, ready for an upgrade to an intermediate horn, or take the plunge on a professional model, this is the time of the year to buy! Contact Music Arts at their Westerville location for all the deals. Click the image to enlarge and get more info.

FMB: State Information

I have a plethora of information about OMEA state contest. Here goes!

Itinerary for Nov. 7:

Full Schedule for the day:

Video Order Form (.pdf):

Tshirt Design (available for purchase at contest):


I have a plethora of information about OMEA state contest. Here goes!

FMB: Rainy Friday Notes...

1. Black drillmasters and blue jeans tonight. We'll wear white gloves, helmets (no plumes) and raincoats. Please feel free to layer under your uniform to stay warm and dry.

2. Rehearsal is now 5:45 in the gym.

3. The field is SOUP. We will not march pre-game. The status of marching halftime is still to be determined.

4. We will play Fly Like An Eagle and Seven Nation Army from memory tonight in the stands. Please make sure you have memorized AND maintained :-)

5. Let's make the most of this rainy Friday night!

Pumpkin Show Time!

*Be sure to bring your black shoes, socks, and white gloves.
*You will need to buy lunch and dinner so bring some spending money.
*Come get your instrument and uniform immediately after checking in with your first period teacher.
*We warm at FES at 8:30
*We return to FHS at 7:15PM
*Make sure you have "Seven Nation Army" memorized for the parade.

Faithful Blog Readers:

First commenter gets a free mouse pad. Go.

Fundraiser Stuff In; Prizes Not

All of the fundraiser items have been delivered and student will receive their boxes during class today. When collecting money, please make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band." All money is due no later than Friday, October 30. Please reduce change where possible, and consider having customers pay your parents and then have your parents write one check for the full amount.

I apologize for the fact that some of the prizes are on back order. Big chocolate bars, mp3 players, doggies, and annoying keychains will all be in next week and will be delivered to you immediately upon their arrival. I have voiced my displeasure with Century over this delay in prizes and they are working to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

FHSCB Audition Times (as of 10/20)

Kathryn Rohrer
Oliver Pontius
Connor Ryan
Nick Voit
Abriel Arnold
Nick Mullet
(3 slots still open)

Paytie Iannarino
Justin Anderson
Caleb Ridgeway
Sam Pittman
Chris Souders
Aaron Rausch
Emily Andrews
Emily Wenerstrom
Katrina Pontius

Tuesday after school
Rachel Claar
Alexa Swackhammer
Katie Rein
Caitlan Nichols
Abby Vollrath
Taylor Tarleton
(12 slots still open)

Sarah Fisher
Ben Van Gorden
Melissa Fink
Zach Rausch
Jessica Bardin
Ben Day
Ana Taboa
Luke Stauffer
Blake Leeds

Christian Carter
Colin Moran
Seth Bond
Ciara Fuson
John Palmer
Ryan Kiehle
Jessica Hatcher
Jordan Schrader
Amanda Rein

Thursday After School
Darragh Hurst
Emma McKean
Gracie McCarty
Drew Brown
Charley Garwood

Kevin Simms
Laura Sherer
Megan Dick
Moriah Epling
Paige Scheiderer
Joe Williams
Colene Knaub
Sarah McKee
Josh Long

FHSCB: Audition Listening

FHSCB members can listen to their audition music by visiting the "Members Only" page at If you need the username/password, just drop me an email and I will send it right back to you. Be sure to click the arrow next to the file to download the music so you can listen to it on your computer or put it on your iPod. Be prepared for your audition next week and be sure to sign up for a time. Only 51 of 65 band members are on the audition time list on my office window.

FMB: Findlay Recaps

Sorry it's taken me so long to get these up. Crazy week here.

Fundraiser Items Delivered Wednesday 10/21

All fundraising items and prizes will be delivered on Wednesday, October 21. Please make arrangements to either take your items home or to have them picked up after school. Cheese and sausage items are perishable and need to be delivered immediately or refrigerated until they are delivered. All money is due by October 30. Make checks payable to Fairbanks Band.
(Pardon the brevity...I'm on my Blackberry :-)

FMB Schedule Thru Nov. 7

Please note changes/additions in BOLD. 7th period rehearsals end the week of Oct. 26 due to concert band auditions and concert band class beginning on November 1.

Oct. 19 - Full Rehearsal 3:15-5:15
Oct. 21 - Full Rehearsal 3:15-5:15
Oct. 22 - FES/Circleville - All Day
Oct. 23 - Home Game
Oct. 26 - Full Rehearsal 3:15-5:15
Oct. 28 - Full Rehearsal 3:15-5:15
Oct. 30 - Home Game - Senior Show
Nov. 2 - Full Rehearsal 3:15-5:15
Nov. 4 - Full Rehearsal 3:15-5:15
Nov. 6 - Full Rehearsal 3:15-5:15
Nov. 7 - State Contest - All Day (Details TBA)

NYC Deposits Due Nov. 16

Just a reminder that permission slips and $150 deposits for the April 22 trip to New York City are due no later than November 16. Payment must be in the form of a money order or check payable to Fairbanks Music Boosters. We still have plenty of spots available, but the bus is filled on a first come, first serve basis, so time is of the essence.

FHSCB Auditions: Details

Here is a copy of the audition information that is being sent home today (10/19). Please sign up for an audition time as soon as possible starting at 2:10 today.

FHSCB Auditions

Seating auditions for the 2009-2010 Fairbanks High School Concert Band (FHSCB) will be held the week of October 26 during 7th period and after school. Members will be responsible for scales, a prepared selection, and sight reading. All band members must audition during this week.

All FHSCB members need to come to the band room during 7th period today (Monday 10/19) for audition information. Audition times will be open for sign up at 2:10pm today on Mr. Keller's office window.

FMB: Time Reminders for 10/16 and 10/17

Friday: Load 5:15, Depart 5:45. Return 10:30

Saturday: Load Noon, Depart 12:30, Return 10:15.

FMB: Reminders for the Weekend


2. Friday night uniform is blue jeans, black drillmasters, raincoats, helmets, gloves. Feel free to layer under your raincoat to stay warm and dry. Gloves under gloves are fine. Bring blankets, unbrellas, etc. to stay comfortable in the stands.


4. Be prepared to layer UNDER your costume on both top and bottom. Keep it black. No hoods, please. You're welcome to wear gloves under gloves. You'll only be exposed to the elements for about 15 minutes for our show without a raincoat. The bigger concern, I think, is staying warm in the stands while we wait for awards.


6. This is your last local contest. Take out all the stops. March your best, play your best, act your BEST. Get into character and make this your most fantastic production yet. Think of it as your dress rehearsal for the big show on Nov. 7. It might be even colder then! And finally.…

NYC Folks: You Are Seeing SO MUCH!

Haven't paid your deposit yet? Not sure whether this trip is for you? Check this slide show on about sights of NYC. We're seeing MOST of the stuff on this list. Get your $150 deposit to Mr. Keller along with your permission slip no later than November 16 and you'll be in on the trip of a lifetime! You should also visit my virtual tour on!

FMB: Rehearsal Is ON

Yeah, I know it's going to be COLD and RAINING, but we still have work to do with the contest show and senior show music, so we will rehearse after school today until 5pm. If the weather permits and the rain lifts, we'll go outside and do a run-thru of the show. If not, we'll continue to work on senior show music. The weather is not looking much better for the weekend, so be sure to check back here and keep your ears open about changes in uniform for Friday night and Saturday. We have a record of performing well in adverse conditions, so I hope this holds true at Findlay as well!

FMB: FES/Circleville - Oct. 22

Our annual performances at Fairbanks Elementary and the Circleville Pumpkin show are on Thursday, October 22 this year. We'll dress in uniform at 8:05 and walk over to the elementary with instruments to perform at 9am. Immediately after the show, we'll load the trailer and buses and head to Circleville for the pumpkin fun and parade. Dress will be regular full uniform. We will not return until after 7pm. Itinerary is below. Click to enlarge.

FMB: Directions for Ridgemont/Findlay

Ridgemont High School:

View Larger Map

Findlay's Donnell Stadium (Please note the stadium is NOT at Findlay HS)

View Larger Map

FMB: About Weather and Clothing This Weekend

Soooooo....I have good news and bad news. The good news is that it looks like the chances of rain for Friday night and Saturday are dwindling in the forecast. The bad news is that it's going to be COLD. Friday night's low is 35 degrees. The high on Saturday will be 48 in Findlay. What does this mean to you? Well...

Friday Night: I'd like to plan on being in full uniform for the Ridgemont game. We'll most definitely use the raincoats while not on the field, but I'd like to march the contest show unencumbered Friday if at all possible. IF the chances of rain increase as the week goes on, we'll most likely wear the same thing that we wore for FHS homecoming: blue jeans and drillmasters. I'll make this call by Thursday morning so you have time to prepare. Also come prepared for the cold on Friday night with blankets, gloves, hats, and whatever you need to stay warm and dry.

Saturday: With the high being near 50, we should be comfortable during our perf…

FMB: Findlay's Donnell Staduim

Findlay's Donnell Stadium has turf! No mud!!!!

FMB: Itineraries for Ridgemont/Findlay Contest


Josh is the Fan of the Game!

(Pardon the brevity...I'm on my Blackberry :-)

FMB: Rehearsal now 5:45

Rain's not going to let up. Rehearsal is 5:45 in the gym. Uniform is black drillmasters and blue jeans. We'll wear raincoats and helmets. Feel free to layer under your raincoat. Also feel free to bring umbrellas, ponchos, tarps, etc. to stay dry during the game. Let's make the most of a muddy situation.

Wow! Do I Like This Guy...

The LA Phiharmonic's new conductor, Gustavo Dudamel, is only 28 and is already at the top of his game. Check out his web site and this NPR article about his roots in Venezuela and around the world. It's totally worth a listen. Kinda wish I had hair like that ;-)

FMB: Come Prepared

Yeah...It's gonna rain. Drillmasters and jeans for Friday night.

Double tonguing with single reed instruments (via Stauffer)

Double tonguing with single reed instruments: "Here's an article that will help the clarinets & saxes learn to double tongue a little better, courtesy of the US Military Academy Band (and Mr. Stauffer)

Harmony Field on Street View

Mr. Jerew just brought to my attention that our cherished Harmony Field is now on Google street view! Check it out!

FMB Members: More Stuff!

First commenter (FMB members only) on this post gets a OSUMB CD "Hang On Sloopy - Volume II". Giddyup!

FMB Members: Stuff for You!

First FMB member who comments gets the "Buckeye Invitational" full-color poster that was on my bulletin board. Go.

FMB Contest at Findlay Oct. 17

Click image to enlarge

Here's preliminary info. Details TBA soon!

FMB: State Marching Band Finals Info

I have preliminary information on OMEA State Marching Band Finals. We will perform at 1:00 PM on Saturday, November 7, at Dublin Coffman High School. I will give you more information as it becomes available to me. At the current time, 68 bands have qualified for the contest with three weeks of local contests to go. Here's who all has qualified:

Amherst Steele High School
Beavercreek High School
Bellefontaine High School
Berne Union
Bishop Watterson High School
Brookville High School
Brunswick High School
Canal Winchester High School
Chesapeake Schools
Cloverleaf High School
Columbus Grove
Covington High School
Crestwood High School
Dawson-Bryant High School
Dublin Coffman High School
Dublin Jerome High School
Fairbanks High School
Fairfield High School
Findlay High School
Finneytown High School
Green High School
Hilliard Darby High School
Hilliard Davidson High School
Kalida Local Schools-High School
Lakota East High School
Lakota West High School
Lancaster High School
Lexington High School
Liberty Union…

FMB - USV and OSU Pics Posted

Pictures from Upper Scioto Valley and the OSU Buckeye Classic are on the flickr page. Enjoy!

FMB - For Your Digital Scrapbook:


OSU Contest Recaps


FMB Contest Video

Here's the award-winning performance. I've got lots of things to say, but I'm not going to say them here...and now. Just watch, listen, and enjoy. (and critique so we can make it even better in two weeks!)

FMB Contest Show 10/3/09 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.

HS Band and Choir: NYC Is A GO!

Just FYI...we had a tremendous response to the New York City trip survey. We're going!!! Complete details will be available next week. Deposits (appx. $150) will be due by November 15.

FMB: Weekend Reminders (USV and OSU)

1. Please come prepared for cool weather on Friday night. Wear your Summer uniform shoes and blue jeans. I'll supply the "rain"coat. You'll also wear your white gloves and helmets with plumes.

2. Wear your black tshirt/tank under your costume again this Saturday. That worked just great last weekend.

3. Be sure to eat a good breakfast on Saturday morning so you're energized and ready to go at OSU. We load at 7:30 and depart at 8am.

4. Bring some snacks or some money for a late-afternoon meal or snack. The boosters are feeding you a snack and lunch after your performance.

5. Consider bringing a pillow or stadium seat for the long day of watching band. Those aluminum bleachers can be a pain in know.

6. If you plan on going away from the stadium with your parents between performance and awards, I need a permission note that includes a cell phone number. You should not be off-site for more than an hour or so.

7. Please make sure you remember …

PSA: Prescription Drug Disposal

Union County Sheriff's OfficeMedication Disposal Day

October 15, 2009

America's biggest drug problem isn't on the's in our medicine cabinets.Keep your family safe. On October 15, 2009, the Union County Sheriff's Office will host a medication disposal day for all of Union County. The event will be in conjunction with the Seasonal Flu Drive-Thru Clinic. Bring your expired and unused prescription and over-the-counter medications to the location listed below and law enforcement officers will dispose of these medications in a safe, legal and environmentally conscious manner.

No questions asked.

When: Thursday, October 15, 2009 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Where: Union County Fairgrounds, 845 N. Main St.

Prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug misuse. It's an issue, at any age.

• Every day 2,500 teens use a prescription drug to get high for the first time

• 25.5% of high school students reported using a prescription drug without a doctor'…