FMB: About Weather and Clothing This Weekend

Soooooo....I have good news and bad news. The good news is that it looks like the chances of rain for Friday night and Saturday are dwindling in the forecast. The bad news is that it's going to be COLD. Friday night's low is 35 degrees. The high on Saturday will be 48 in Findlay. What does this mean to you? Well...

Friday Night: I'd like to plan on being in full uniform for the Ridgemont game. We'll most definitely use the raincoats while not on the field, but I'd like to march the contest show unencumbered Friday if at all possible. IF the chances of rain increase as the week goes on, we'll most likely wear the same thing that we wore for FHS homecoming: blue jeans and drillmasters. I'll make this call by Thursday morning so you have time to prepare. Also come prepared for the cold on Friday night with blankets, gloves, hats, and whatever you need to stay warm and dry.

Saturday: With the high being near 50, we should be comfortable during our performance IF you are prepared. You should, however, start planning a black under-layer for your contest costume. If you don't need it this weekend, you will most likely need it for state contest on Nov. 7. Other long-sleeved black tshirts, tight black sweatshirts, black thermal underwear, or under-armor are all viable choices. You may also wear gloves under your skeleton gloves unless you are a clarinetist. In the case of extreme cold, we'll wear our Fairbanks Band raincoats right up until we go on the field, but you'll still have 15-20 minutes where you are exposed to the cold. Please plan ahead and come prepared so you're not an icicle by the time we hit the first note of the contest show.

Also, you should come prepared for the wait between performance and awards with blankets, gloves, hats, etc. It will start to cool as the sun goes down and I just want you to be a cozy and warm as possible. I'm bringing my winter gear, and you should too!


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