FMB Seniors: Senior Night Info

From Mrs. Reed:

Here is the time line for Friday’s senior night ceremony:
6:15 – Parents (and cross country runners and golfers) will meet at the visitor’s side 50 yard line
6:25 – Cheerleaders/Band Members/Football Players dismissed to join their parents at the 50 yard line.
6:30 – Ceremony will begin (The Ceremony should be over by 6:45.)

Below is a memo I am giving to the seniors participating in the Senior Night Activities.

Fall Senior Night
Friday, October 30th
Football Field

--Seniors Please Pass This Information On To Your Parents--

On Friday, October 30th we will honor our seniors and their parents during a pre-game ceremony before the football game. All Parents (along with Cross Country Runners and Golfers) will gather at the visitors’ side 50 yard line at 6:15 p.m. Football Players, Band Members and Cheerleaders will be dismissed by their coach/advisor and will join their parents at 6:25. We will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m.

Seniors and parents will line up on the 50 yard line and walk toward the home crowd stopping even with the hash marks closest to the home stands. After the senior’s write up is read, the senior and parents will exit the field to the left. We will line up alphabetically in the following order:

Cross Country

Parents and seniors will be admitted free. Just sign in at the pass gate.


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