FMB: Updates for Friday 10/30

* Contrary to past practice, students will not only be allowed to stay after school on Friday before the game, but will be ENCOURAGED to do so :-) The Fairbanks Music Boosters will be hosting a tailgate for band members and families from 3:15-5:15. Bring some food to share if you are able. This has all come about because...

* Anthony Rothman from channel 6/28 will be at FHS from 5-6PM and doing live broadcasts throughout the 5pm newscast. Since we rehearse 5:15-5:45, you can get your chance to be on TV as a fan from 5-5:15. At 5:50, immediately after rehearsal, the band will be featured!

* Please be prepared for either uniform option as I would like to be in full uniform for senior night if at all possible. If the weather is inclement, we may opt for jeans and raincoats, but this is only as a last resort. If I have to get pants washed for State, then it's what I have to do. Also, please wear a red band shirt under your layers on Friday so we can at least look spirited during our feature TV spot (and since we won't be in uniform yet).

* If weather permits, we will perform our contest show after the football game for fans who want to stay, and also to give us one more repetition on a non-dotted field. If the weather is inclement, this will not occur. I'll keep you posted.

* Seniors can read all of their pertinent information about senior night in this blog post.

* Let's have a great night. Do you anti-rain dance. We deserve a dry night, don't we?


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