FMB: Weekend Reminders (USV and OSU)

1. Please come prepared for cool weather on Friday night. Wear your Summer uniform shoes and blue jeans. I'll supply the "rain"coat. You'll also wear your white gloves and helmets with plumes.

2. Wear your black tshirt/tank under your costume again this Saturday. That worked just great last weekend.

3. Be sure to eat a good breakfast on Saturday morning so you're energized and ready to go at OSU. We load at 7:30 and depart at 8am.

4. Bring some snacks or some money for a late-afternoon meal or snack. The boosters are feeding you a snack and lunch after your performance.

5. Consider bringing a pillow or stadium seat for the long day of watching band. Those aluminum bleachers can be a pain in know.

6. If you plan on going away from the stadium with your parents between performance and awards, I need a permission note that includes a cell phone number. You should not be off-site for more than an hour or so.

7. Please make sure you remember your black socks and shoes for Saturday.

8. The weather looks pretty good for the weekend, but you might want to do your anti-rain dance just in case.

9. At OSU, the hash mark will be a white tape line. Pay no heed to the painted hash marks. College hash marks are 4 steps inside the HS hash marks.

10. Finally...perform your best both on and off the field. Your reputation as an outstanding band and the FMB tradition of excellence is upheld both in your performance and your positive attitude and cordial behavior. Show your pride by being the best you can be.


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