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Don't Think I'm Not Sharing...

Just because I haven't been blogging every day of late, it doesn't mean that I haven't been bringing up cool and interesting things for you to read. Be sure to check out my shared items every once in a while. You can get to these shared articles by scrolling down the right column of this blog until you see this:

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They're not always about music, but are things I find cool or interesting in some way, shape, or form. So, don't think I'm slacking...I'm not. I'm just "web 2.0" savvy.

FHSCB: Copland Tribute

The FHSCB will be sight-reading "A Copland Tribute" on Friday. If you're interested in previewing it, check out this YouTube video of the Sasebo Wind Orchestra. They have some problems with it, but it's a respectable recording. Some of the piece is quite easy....others are difficult beyond comprehension. Put your ears on and get ready to play in tune, okay? :-)

(this video blocked at school)

New York Deposits Due Monday 11/16

FHSCB and Choir members are reminded that your $150 deposit for the April 22-26 trip to New York City is due on Monday, November 16. Please make check or money order payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters" and put it in the booster mailbox no later than 3pm on Monday to ensure your spot on the bus. Please make sure you have read all the information including the refund policy and payment deadlines on the NYC2010 page at

6th Band - Change of Schedule

Since the 2009 Holiday concert is just 19 short school days away, it is necessary to change up the 6th grade band schedule to allow us group prep time for the show. Here's the 6th grade band schedule effective beginning Monday 11/16 until after December 14:

Mondays - FULL BAND
Tuesdays - No Class
Wednesdays - FULL BAND
Thursdays - No Class
Fridays - FULL BAND

I'm aware that this next week (week of 11/16) that 6th graders are at outdoor education on Thursday and Friday, so we will only rehearse Monday and Wednesday of that week.

Pep Band Tshirt Orders

You may turn in your pep band tshirt order form at any time between now and November 23. Shirts are $10 (+$2 for XXL). Please make checks payable to "Fairbanks Band". If you do not turn in your order by November 23, you will NOT get a shirt. If you lost your order form, feel free to click on the image below, print it, and return to me with payment.

Pep Band Tshirt Design

Details are still forthcoming....but I think it's going to look pretty sharp!

Pep Band Info!

Pep band information was distributed today. Sign ups are open on my office window through Friday 11/13. Tshirt information will be available later this week! Click images to enlarge.

FMS/FES Conferences

I will be in the band room and available for walk-in conferences from 3-6pm on Thursday, November 12. Parents of band and general music students are welcome to come in your leisure if you need to discuss your child's progress.
(Pardon the brevity...I'm on my Blackberry :-)

FMB: Party Reminder

I was reminded to tell all FMB members that you should come to the gathering on Saturday at 5pm at Buck Ridge Golf Course to celebrate the end of the season. Apparently there are surprises involved.

FHSCB: Listen to Christmas Fantasia

The FHSCB will be sight reading A Christmas Fantasia today in rehearsal and it will serve as our concert opener. You can listen to it by visiting the Stanton's Sheet Music site and clicking on "listen". I think it will be a quick and fun way to start off our portion of the December 14 concert!

FMB @ OMEA SMBF on Facebook

You coming? Be sure to RSVP!

FHSCB: Listen to "I Wonder"

FHSCB will be sight-reading "I Wonder As I Wander" in class today. If you would like to listen in advance, or listen to prepare for rehearsal, please click here then click on the "listen" button. It's a "Wonder"ful arrangement of one of my favorite carols. It's going to be tough, intonation nightmare if you will. You can do it, though!

FHSCB: Handbook Available

The FHSCB handbooks are now on the blog for your perusal. Please return the handbook form ASAP!

FHSCB Initial Seatings

Auditions are complete! Here are initial seatings and part assignments. Click to enlarge.