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Fairbanks Holiday Concert (Video)

Thanks to everyone who made last night's concert a tremendous success! The full house of family and friends made it a wonderful night of holiday spirit. We were very pleased with the quality of the performances by our fine Fairbanks musicians. We hope you enjoy the video below. Feel free to share the link with family, friends, and neighbors who were unable to attend. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every band and choir family. Thank you for your continued support!

Fairbanks Holiday Concert 2009 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.

FMB: KFC Coupons WILL Be Honored!

From Jennifer Priskhorn, KFC Marketing:
My most sincere apologies. I have communicated with the restaurant and the Director of Operations. The coupons you have will, in fact, be honored. If there are any further problems, please instruct Band Members to ask for the Manager on Duty. I feel terrible for the misprint and frustration this must have caused your members. We will be working with our restaurant team to coach them to better handle such situations. Again, I very sincerely apologize for the confusion.
Have a nice weekend!

Jennifer Priskorn
Marketing Coordinator
KFC/Bagshaw Enterprises

Concert on Monday! Poster and Info

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Alumni Pep Band - December 18th!

The seventh annual Fairbanks alumni pep band will be held on Friday, December 18. FHS band alumni from all bands and eras are welcome to come back to play on the stage and cheer the Panthers on to a victory!

We'll warm up at 6pm in the band room and perform between games and during the boys' varsity game. I promise the set list will be easy, fun, and not too taxing on the chops...even if you haven't dusted off the chops in a year...or two...or ten. LouieX2, Tequila, Land of 1000, Can't turn you loose, Sloopy, On Broadway, et al. It'll be fun, I promise!

Please RSVP to let me know if you're coming, and also let me know if you need an instrument. I'll do my best to get folders to you in advance if possible.

You can also RSVP on Facebook!

I hope to see all of you on the 18th! Please help me spread the words to all your band friends.

Concert Attire Reminder

What to wear (and NOT wear) to the concert:
6th Band, JHCB:
*Members should dress nicely.
*Gentlemen are to wear dress pants or khakis, dress shoes, a dress shirt and tie. No jeans or tennis shoes are permitted.
*Ladies may wear a skirt or pants outfit. If you choose to wear a skirt, it is to cover your knees when seated. Keep shoes sensible and avoid high heels unless you are a pro. Just as for the guys, no jeans or tennis shoes are permitted.

FHSCB and FHS Choir:
*Gentlemen are to wear black dress pants, black socks, and black dress shoes. A tuxedo shirt will be provided for you at no cost, but this shirt must be returned at the end of the school year.
*Ladies are to dress in ALL BLACK. This outfit may be pants or dress/skirt, but must be all-black in color. (No red pinstripes, white collars, or pink buttons). Skirts are to cover the knee when seated, with a full-length skirt being the preferred length. Jewelry is permitted, but should be kept small. Pearls are an outstanding acce…

Pep Band: Tips and Reminders

*Rehearsal today 3-5pm in the band room.
*Friday's game - call is 5:45pm. Wear your shirt or Fairbanks colors. JH members who are going to the dance, please come down to play after you're done at the dance. It would be nice if you would go half and half, at least :-)
*Please help stack chairs and stands after the game. Please also keep the band room and stage clean and clear of debri (empty pop bottles, wrappers, etc.)
*You will have third quarter off to take a restroom break or get food from the concession stand. You are to be on the stage and ready to play at all other times. Boosters will occasionally have food and beverage for you during this time as well.
*Only band members are allowed on the stage. Your non-band friends will have to sit in the student section. Sitting on the stage is a benefit of membership.

*Please do not enter through the back door. You are to enter through the main door next to the student parking lot. Please sign in on the sheet a…

NYC Fundraiser No. 1 Starts Thursday

We'll kick off our first fundraiser for the NYC trip this Thursday, December 3. Order sheets will be available, featuring Zap-A-Snack frozen french bread pizzas, as well as soft pretzels, cheesecake, and cookies. You can preview the brochure (sans prices) by clicking here. Sheets will be due with payment no later than Tuesday, December 15. Your profit margin will be 30% of your total sales. Delivery will be the week of January 11. Please make all checks payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters." If you have customers who pay in cash, you must have a parent keep the cash and write a check for that amount, since the boosters do not accept cash at any time. I hope this is a successful fundraising effort, as these are quality products at reasonable prices. I'm a big fan of the pizzas especially!

NYC Update!

There are a few changes and updates to the NYC trip information.

Our per-person costs were based on 50 people going on the trip. We only have 42 going, which means our cost structure really took a hit due to not filling the bus. This has resulted in several changes, most of which are for the better:

*We are now eating at Dallas BBQ in Times Square on Saturday night. Sardi's was going to charge us an EXORBITANT amount for our evening meal (nearly $100 per person) so we opted for a change of venue to Dallas, which features chicken, ribs, and steak. It is directly in the heart of the theater district on 42nd street.

*The best way to avoid having to charge you more for the trip while still doing all the cultural events that we had planned was to not stay overnight on Sunday. We will instead head out after our evening show on Sunday night, and arrive back at FHS between 11am and noon on Monday. In my view, staying in a hotel for a third night is not a cultural opportunity, and all t…