Snowstorm Aftermath

Here's all the news that needs to get out there so we can recover from the snowstorm:

Pep Band:
We have two games remaining now. The Feb. 5 game that was cancelled is rescheduled for Friday, Feb. 19. Senior night is Saturday, February 20. The call for both games is 6pm. Seniors need to get their write-up to Mrs. Reed ASAP.

Beauty and the Beast Orchestra:
Both of our rehearsals this week got scrapped due to weather. I know this schedule is not quite the Monday/Wednesday regular schedule we'd hoped for, but we're quite a bit behind and there's no guarantee that we won't be missing more days for weather. Here is the schedule for the next three weeks:

Tuesday, Feb. 16 - 3:15-5:15
Wednesday, Feb. 17 - 3:15-5:15
Thursday, Feb. 18 - 3:15-5:15

Monday, Feb. 22 - 3:15-5:15
Tuesday, Feb. 23 - 3:15-5:15
Wednesday, Feb. 24 - 3:15-5:15

Monday, March 1 - 3:15-5:15
Tuesday, March 2 - 3:15-5:15
Wednesday, March 3 - 3:15-5:15

Fifth Grade Band
This week is pretty much a total wash. If brass players remember their instruments, we'll have class today. If you forgot your instrument, no need to panic. We'll make do with what we have. Woodwinds will have class on their regular day next week.

Sixth Grade Band
Today is a C (percussion day). Friday is an A (brass) day. We'll continue our regular rotation.

FHSCB and Choir
We've got some work to do. 21 rehearsals left dwindled quickly to 17. Let's get to work!


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