B&B Pit Orchestra Schedule Update

Things went VERY well at Monday's rehearsal. I know it's still a little rough in spots, but we have three weeks until the performances!

So, here's the schedule for the rest of the musical season:

Tuesday, March 23 - 3-5:15
Wednesday, March 24 - 3-5:15
Thursday, March 25 - 3-5:15
Friday, March 26 - NO REHEARSAL (cast only)


Monday, April 5 - 3:30-5:45 (@Vets)
Tuesday, April 6 - 3:30-5:45 (@Vets)
Wednesday, April 7 - 6-9pm (@Vets)
Thursday, April 8 - 6-9pm (@Vets)

Friday, April 9 - 6pm call for 7pm show.
Saturday, April 10 - 6pm call for 7pm show.

Just a reminder, that you'll need an all-black outfit for our performances. You'll also need to provide your own transportation to Vets Auditorium the week of April 5 for rehearsals. If you are carpooling with another student, please make sure you have parental permission. I will not transport you in my vehicle.


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