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NYC2010 - Sunday Pics


NYC2010 - Saturday Pics


PIcs from NYC Friday!


Last-Minute NYC Thoughts:

*You might want to think about packing your "freshen-up" kit in your carry-on bag so you can freshen up at our final stop before heading through the Lincoln Tunnel to Manhattan. It's going to be kinda tough to dig your toothbrush out from under the bus at 6:00am.
*Something I forgot to put on the list of things to bring: PHONE CHARGER. A phone with no juice is no good to you. You'll be able to charge at the hotel each day/night. Also, to conserve battery power, I'd recommend turning off your phone while you're sleeping on the bus.
* Baggage inspection will be at 7pm. Please be by your bags at this time.
*Weather forecast: Sunny and upper 60's on Friday and Saturday. Sunday is now high of 58 and 70% chance of rain. Come prepared to stay dry or come prepared to be wet and not complain about it. *The bus will be SILENT from 11pm-6am on both Thursday and Sunday nights. Come prepared to sleep or do something silently during these hours. This will be stric…

NYC2010 - $.99 Well Spent

Got an iPhone or iPod touch?  You should get New York 2Go.  This app is totally worth it for the trip.  It's a top-notch city guide, map, and encyclopedia that is offline so you can access it all on your touch on the bus or in the city.  I've tried it out and it's totally worth the 99 cents.

Plan Your Met Visit

You'll have 90 mintues to experience 5000 years of art.  If I were you, I would plan ahead.  What are you going to see?  Visit the official site and figure out where to go to see what you want to see.

West Side Story - Previews

Click to see videos from and about West Side Story!

NYPhil Plays Stravinsky

Read all about the amazing all-Stravinsky program that we'll be attending on Saturday night.  Be sure to click on "Read more about this piece" to read the program notes for everything that you're going to hear.

NYC2010 - Weather Forecast Improving!

The forecast for the weekend is improving with highs now in the upper 60's on Saturday and the only chance of rain now on Sunday. Keep up to date until we leave so you are totally prepared for what Mother Nature dishes out on this trip!

More pics posted....


OSU Men's Glee Club - April 20

We are honored to have the OSU Men's Glee Club perform at Fairbanks High School on Tuesday, April 20.  The 130-member choral group will sing at 9:30am in the FHS gym.  This amazing opportunity has been made possible by the Union County Community Concert series.  Their 45-minute program will consist of famous school songs, traditional songs, modern choral literature, as well as lighter fare.  Thanks especially to the Glee Club, under the direction of Dr. Robert J. Ward, for performing for our students free of charge.

A full-length concert will be presented at Marysville High School auditorium at 7:30pm in the evening on the same date.  Tickets are available at the door.

Okay....Finally: OMEASMBF Pics

Sorry it's taken me so long.  Here's the pics that were still on my camera from OMEA State Marching Band Finals.  My apologies for the freakish delay.


FMB Candy is IN!

If you ordered Candy prior to Wednesday, it will be available for pickup after 2:10pm today.

Ryan K.
Colin M.
Matt W.
Ana T.
Drew B.
Paytie I.
Samantha J.
Daniel R.
Aaron R.

Band/Choir Listening Roundup (Revised)

All my bands and choir are encouraged to listen to recordings to help prepare our performances. Here's a roundup of pieces that you can listen to online:

6th Band:
Soldier's Procession and Sword Dance (downloadable)

Three Concert Fanfares
Flying Tigers
Beauty and the Beast

American Riversongs
Rockwell Portrait
Blue Alien Accumulation

Clap Your Hands
Feed The Birds

NYC2010 Miscellaneous...

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Just some things off the top of my head:

*Be sure you bring enough spending money to feed yourself and shop how you want to shop.  You'll probably want to allow $10 per fast food meal for those meals that are not included in the trip.

*Come prepared for the weather.  We do all the things on the schedule rain or shine.

*Your backpack/purse will be searched several Ellis Island and 30 Rock.  Please make sure you don't have a pocket knife or anything else like that in there.  It could SEVERELY throw us off schedule if you are detained for any reason.

*Your luggage will be checked by chaperones before we depart.  Please don't be stupid enough to bring alcohol/tobacco/drugs/weapons on this trip.

*Come prepared with whatever you need to make the sleep on the bus as comfortable as possible.  Blankets, plillows, earplugs, even sleep masks might come in handy.  If you don't get any sleep on Thursday night, I'll guarantee you'll be dragging the…

Booster Can Collection - April 17

Fairbanks Music Boosters will hold a can collection this Sat, April 17th from 9-11am in the high school student parking lot near the soccer field.  Donations are also accepted at Union Recyclers, 15140 US Rte 36 East in Marysville, during their business hours for Fairbanks Music Boosters.  Just let them know that you would like to donate the cans to the Fairbanks Music Boosters and they will send us a check.  If you have any questions please call Kelly 614-873-6961. Thank you for the continued support and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

FMB Candy Bar Sale Info

FMB 2010   Candy Bar Sale

*Candy will be pre-paid this year. Please have check made out to Fairbanks Music Boosters
for $52.00. You may purchase however many boxes you/your child wish to sell. No cash is
accepted. Please put your child’s name on the check and place in an envelope in the
booster mailbox with attached order form.

*Candy bars are $1.00 each. There are 2 different boxes this year each containing 52 bars of
assorted candy.  A list of the candy with each box is on the order form. You must specify
which box you wish to sell.

*I will collect checks starting on April 9. I  have attached a copy of the run dates for candy
delivery. Please have check or money in the booster mailbox by date specified to receive
the candy. I will be making 2 candy deliveries a week.

*The boosters will credit your account $25.00 per box of candy sold. You may sell up to 9
boxes of candy.  Band camp is $230.00 and you can potentially offset the cost of camp
$225.00 from just selling candy.

*If you ha…

FMB - Rookie Parent Meeting Info

Welcome Rookie Parents!

I’m very excited about this upcoming year of marching band, and that your student is
going to be a part of it!  Our organization runs very smoothly thanks to all the parents and
student leaders who know their responsibilities and help keep it running at its best.  If
everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot!

Calendar of Events
The official calendar of events is your source for all band events.  Please mark your
calendars and notify me of conflicts as early as possible.  The web calendar is always up
to date and is interactive…if you click on an event, you get detailed information
including departure/return times, what to wear, and what to bring.  You can always view
the online calendar by going to and clicking on “calendar.”

Attendance Policy
Band members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances unless excused via
the attendance policy.  We only have rehearsal two days a week after school and …

5th Band - Change of Schedule


Spring Concert - May 25

Spring concert info - click to enlarge.

NYC Itinerary!

March 25, 2010 FINAL ITINERARY
GROUP NAME: Fairbanks HS Band
DATES OF TRAVEL: April 22-26, 2010

Michael Crandall, Sales Manager Kimberly Summers, Senior Tour Manager


Thursday, April 22

7:00 PM Charter coach arrives for loading

7:30 PM Leave Fairbanks High School via deluxe air conditioned motor coach with DVD. (10 hours have been allotted for drive time plus 2 hours for dinner on your own, driver change, and breaks.)
11158 State Route 38, Milford Center, Ohio 43045

Friday, April 23

7:30 AM Arrive in Rockefeller Plaza, an art deco marvel consisting of 19 commercial buildings covering 11 acres in midtown Manhattan from 49th to 52nd Streets, Fifth to Seventh Avenues, named after the multi-millionaire, John D. Rockefeller.

** You will be greeted by your Professional Tour Director, Linda Rome, here **

Rockefeller Plaza is the site where The Today Show is broadcast.