FMB Candy Bar Sale Info

FMB 2010   Candy Bar Sale

*Candy will be pre-paid this year. Please have check made out to Fairbanks Music Boosters
for $52.00. You may purchase however many boxes you/your child wish to sell. No cash is
accepted. Please put your child’s name on the check and place in an envelope in the
booster mailbox with attached order form.

*Candy bars are $1.00 each. There are 2 different boxes this year each containing 52 bars of
assorted candy.  A list of the candy with each box is on the order form. You must specify
which box you wish to sell.

*I will collect checks starting on April 9. I  have attached a copy of the run dates for candy
delivery. Please have check or money in the booster mailbox by date specified to receive
the candy. I will be making 2 candy deliveries a week.

*The boosters will credit your account $25.00 per box of candy sold. You may sell up to 9
boxes of candy.  Band camp is $230.00 and you can potentially offset the cost of camp
$225.00 from just selling candy.

*If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mary Ellen Garwood at 614-306-4307.

Good luck.

Checks received by Mon. April 12 - Candy delivered Tues. April 13 during band
Checks received by Thur. April 15 - Candy delivered Fri. April 16 during band
Checks received by Mon. April 19 - Candy delivered Tues. April 20 during band
Checks received by Thur. April 22 - Candy delivered Fri. April 23 during band
Checks received by Mon. April 26 - Candy delivered Tues. April 27 during band
Checks received by Thur. April 29 - Candy delivered Fri. April 30 during band

I must receive min. of 5 orders to make delivery. If not it will be added onto the next delivery date. You
will be notified by email if this happens.

American Candy                                      
13 M & M Plain
14 M & M Peanut
11 Skittles
14 Snickers Bars                                                      
10 Kit Kat
10 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
6 Caramello Candy Bars
8 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
6       Hershey’s Milk Choc./Almonds

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