FMB - Rookie Parent Meeting Info

Welcome Rookie Parents!

I’m very excited about this upcoming year of marching band, and that your student is
going to be a part of it!  Our organization runs very smoothly thanks to all the parents and
student leaders who know their responsibilities and help keep it running at its best.  If
everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot!

Calendar of Events
The official calendar of events is your source for all band events.  Please mark your
calendars and notify me of conflicts as early as possible.  The web calendar is always up
to date and is interactive…if you click on an event, you get detailed information
including departure/return times, what to wear, and what to bring.  You can always view
the online calendar by going to and clicking on “calendar.”

Attendance Policy
Band members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances unless excused via
the attendance policy.  We only have rehearsal two days a week after school and only
three Saturday events.  Please do your best to schedule doctor/dentist appointments and
family events on days off from band.  There is no “bench” in band so everyone’s
contribution is important.  We are not at our best unless every member is present. 

Band Camp
Schedule -  Band camp check in is 3-5 PM on Sunday, August 1.  Check out is August 6
at 6 PM after the end-of-camp show.  Students stay in dorms at Ohio Wesleyan and eat in
the dining hall for six days and five nights.  Enjoy your vacation from your kid, Mom and
Dad ?  They will be well taken care of.

What to bring
A detailed list of what is essential, what is optional, and what is NOT to
be brought to camp is included in this packet.  Since parents drop off students, bring what
you want and/or need to make it through the week.

Camp is $230, which is still quite a bargain for six days of instruction, five
nights of lodging, three “all you can eat” meals a day, plus your FMB 2010 T-shirt. 
Please pay your $50 deposit by April 16.  Checks and money orders need to be made out
to “Fairbanks Music Boosters.”  For your protection, no cash is accepted.  Each student
must have a balance of $100 in their account by the end of school, either through
payments or candy bar profits.

Candy Bar Sale
Students may earn as much money as they wish with the candy bar
sale that begins on April 12.  Students receive $25 profit from every box of candy bars
sold.  Candy bary check out continues through May 1.  All candy must be pre-paid. 
Please see the attached information sheet for all candy information.

Summer (Shirt/Shoes) – All band members must have an official band polo shirt as part
of both their summer and winter uniforms.  They will be for sale in May and cost $20.  If
you want to borrow a shirt from a former member that is acceptable, so long as it is the
“official” shirt.  Summer uniform is completed with a pair of all-black shorts that you
provide (no stripes/colors, logos, etc.) and a white-ish pair of tennis shoes.  Please don’t
go buy a pair of shoes just for summer uniform, as we only really perform in it two or
three times.  Any tennis shoes that are light in color are acceptable.

Winter – You will need to order or buy at the store an official pair of “Drillmaster”
marching shoes.  I will provide information on where to buy locally and online and you
can find the best price.  Students will need their shoes by our first football game on
August 22.  More information will be available in May.

Open Rehearsals
Parents are welcome at any rehearsal.  I’m quite proud of how we go about our business,
and also notice that the kids seem to work harder sometimes when they know they have
an audience.  Please feel free to bring a lawn chair and see what we do and how we do it
any time you wish.

Booster Help
If every band parent helps out a bit, then no band parent has to work their fingers to the
bone.  Please help out the Fairbanks Music  Boosters by helping out when asked to do
one of the following duties:

    Band Camp Chaperones
    Chaperone Trips

    Tow Trailer

    Provide Food
    Come to Performances

I am very accessible as I am almost always online.  My preferred method of contact is via
email.  My cell phone number is provided, but I will not answer unless you are in my
address book.  Please leave a message and I will get right back to you.

    Web –
    Cell – see me
    Email –

      Facebook: Fairbanks Marching Band


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