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2010 Drill for FMB

Want a sneak peek at your drill?  Click the link if you're on a broadband connection.  It's a pretty big PDF at 75mb.

2010 FMB Drill

Fair Parade - July 26, 2010

The first performance for the Fairbanks Marching Band will be at the annual Union County Fair parade on Monday, July 23. The parade starts at 5PM this year, so band members will need to be ready to warm up at 4:15 at the parking lot between the Marysville UMC and Veteran's Auditorium, on Sixth Street across from the courthouse.

Attire is summer uniform: Red band polo, all-black shorts, white socks, and white-ish shoes. Ladies should have their long hair in a pony tail or braid. The only visible jewelry permitted is a watch and/or your own class ring. Please leave earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. at home.

Percussion and sousaphones will be transported from the school via trailer. All other band members should bring their own instrument. You will then take it home with you and bring it to camp.

You will be admitted free to the fairgrounds when the parade is over, so stay as long as you like.

Band Camp Info 2010

All the band camp info you need is on the Band Camp page.  Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

Welcome Back, FMB!!!

Yes...the 2010 FMB season is about to get underway! I'm ready for a great season and you should be too. We've got a fine list of personnel, a great camp staff, and an exciting show that is going to WOW crowds to their feet! I'll be posting regularly to the blog and the Twitter feed so be sure to check in daily for information on the upcoming rehearsals and performances.
Here's this week's schedule: Tuesday 7/20: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon. Wednesday 7/21: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon. Thursday 7/22: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon. Friday 7/23: Full Rehearsal - 8AM-noon.
Reminders: *Come to every rehearsal with your instrument, music, and a pencil. *Be sure to be prepared with athletic shoes and socks (no sandals or flip flops). *Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. *Water will be provided, but if FHS water is not to your taste, bring a water bottle or cooler jug. *Come prepared to do your best at each and every rehearsal. Desire, determination, and dedication are our keys to succes…