FMB: Changes In October Schedule

As I mentioned in rehearsal last week, there have been some changes in the football schedule for the month of October.'s the deal:

* Friday, October 8 is now an open Friday night.

* Saturday, October 9 is now a Saturday evening road trip to Fostoria St. Wendelein.

* Friday, October 15 is now a home football game.

* Friday, October 22 is now a road tip to Ironton, Ohio.

* Finally, due to situations beyond our control, St. Wendelein might not have a team by week 7 of the football season. After discussing this with Mr. Montgomery and Mr. Conley, we have arrived at a compromise so we do not have to take two LONG road trips this year. If we do indeed go to Fostoria, we will not be required to make the trip to Ironton. If St. Wendelein does NOT have a team on October 9, the FMB WILL make the trek down to Ironton. BAND MEMBERS NEED TO RESERVE BOTH DATES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Once we know the status of St. Wendelein, I will notify you of which plan we will be enacting.

I'm sorry I can't be more certain about this, but the whole thing is out of our hand. I promise you'll get a night off this Fall, but I just can't say which night yet. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these changes. As you are getting nearly two months' notice, all of these dates are required events as per the Fairbanks Band attendance policy. All of these changes are reflected on the official calendar of events.


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