FHSCB Audition Info: Auditions begin 10/25. Rehearsals Begin 11/1.

FHSCB auditions are a little strange this year due to the fact that the first nine weeks grading period ends a week before the football season.  So...here's the deal:

Seating audition information will be distributed on Monday, October 18.  All FHCB members need to come to the band room at 2:10 on this day to receive audition information, prepared music, scale sheets, and to sign up for an audition time.

All FHSCB members must report each day to the band room during seventh period beginning on Monday, October 25, which is the first day of the second grading period.

Auditions will take place the week of October 25 during seventh period and on two days after school (tentatively on Monday 10/25 and Wednesday 10/27).  All band members must sign up for an audition time.  Members will not be seated nor receive credit for the class if they do not complete a seating audition.

We will begin rehearing on Monday, November 1.  We have six weeks to prepare for our Holiday concert on December 20, and we will need every minute of that to prepare the repertoire I have planned!

I'm looking forward to getting started!

Below is a copy of the information that will go home with all band members on Monday, October 28:

FHSCB Auditions 2010-2011
Welcome to the Fairbanks Schools’ premier performing group!  We have a very balanced instrumentation and will be playing quality literature for all of our concerts, some of which has already been selected!  Everyone must complete an entrance audition, so please read the important information below:
Audition Times - A sign up sheet for audition times is posted on Mr. Keller’s office window.  Times are first come, first serve, so sign up soon.  Times are during seventh period and after school on Monday and Wednesday.
Winds – Your audition will consist of the concert B-flat major scale, your chromatic scale, a prepared selection (enclosed), and a sight-reading evaluation.  Please see the attached score sheet to see how you will be evaluated.  Fundamentals such as posture and breath support are very important, as well as rhythmic and pitch accuracy.  Please come to your audition prepared to play your best.
Percussion – Your audition will consist of five rudiments selected from the following list:
Double stroke open roll
Single stroke roll
Five stroke roll
Nine stroke roll
Seventeen stroke roll
Flam Tap
Single paradiddle
Double Paradiddle
Flam Paradiddle
Single Ratamacue
Drag Paradiddle #2
You will also have a prepared selection and a sight reading selection.  Please see the attached sheet to find out how you will be evaluated.
Seatings – Seatings will not necessarily be arranged from highest to lowest.  It is important for the group that we have strong players on all parts, so I reserve the right to make chair assignments based on group need.  Please realize that where you sit is not who you are.  Every player in this group has an important role in the success of our band!
First week of class
Due to the football schedule not aligning with the academic calendar this year, auditions will be held during the first week of the second nine weeks, beginning on October 25.  Auditions will be held during 7th period and on select days after school.  Please sign up for an audition time ASAP!  You will not be seated, nor receive credit for concert band if you do not complete a seating audition.
First day of rehearsal
When you come to class on November 1, your name will be on your chair and your folder will be on your stand. Please come prepared with all materials for class including reeds, valve oil, instrument, and a pencil.
Holiday Concert – December 20
The FHSCB’s first performance will be on Monday, December 20, at 7:00 P.M., in the high school gym.  This is a required performance, so please mark  your calendars now!


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