FMB: We're Not Going To OSU And It's Not Our Fault...

I received this email today during our after school rehearsal.  More to come.  I'm trying to get us into another contest.  I'll keep you posted as more information becomes available to me...


I am writing to you regarding the Buckeye Invitational.  I regret to inform you that we will be unable to accept your application to participate in this year's Buckeye Invitational.  A communication problem occurred between OMEA and us.  We took online registrations on our own band website through May.  The OMEA site also collected registrations...and continued to collect registrations after we had made all of the invitations for our event this year in August.  All told, we had over 80 applicants to the Buckeye Invitational.  Again, the problem was that the OMEA site continued to accept registrations, unknown to us, after we had closed registration on our own site and selected this year's slate of bands.  Also, because of the nature of our event with a higher number of Festival style bands, those Festival directors did not go through the OMEA site but went through our own band site alone.  When we became aware of the problem, we have tried to get as many of the OMEA site registrations into our event as possible, but there is just not enough time in the day to get you in this year.

Please accept my sincerest apologies on behalf of Ohio State and OMEA that we are unable to take you this year.  We encourage you to apply for another event on that day.  Furthermore, please know that you will be put first on next year's list and will be guaranteed a spot for 2011.

Thank you for your understanding.


Jonathan Waters
Assistant Director
The Ohio State University
Marching and Athletic Bands


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