Upcoming Important Dates - March 8 and March 11

Mid-Year Concert March 8
The music department will present its annual Mid-Year concert on Tuesday, March 8, at 7 PM in the FHS gym.  Performing groups will include the JH concert band, HS choir, and HS concert band.  Attendance is required for all performers.  More details will be available as the date draws nearer.

FHSCB @ OMEA District Contest March 11
The FHSCB will travel to Groveport Madison High School on Friday, March 11 to perform at OMEA district concert band adjudication.  Specific times are TBA.  Students will be bused to the site and will perform on the stage and in the sight reading room.  Attendance is required for all FHSCB members.  Everyone is to ride the bus to the event.  More details will be available as soon as our performance time is announced.  This event is free and open to the public, so family and friends are encouraged to come hear the FHSCB on stage.


Anonymous said…
In my opinion it lacks real spark until the closer. The other 2are kinda "eh" I think it would be hard to get us all really truely excited and enthusiastic about this show.

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