From the Music Boosters: FMB Q&A

From the Fairbanks Music Boosters:
2011 Fairbanks Marching Band Q & A
We look forward to the new 2011 Fairbanks Marching Band season. The music boosters wanted to put together a little information for parents and answer some of the questions that have come up in the past. If you have other questions please do not hesitate to call or email me at the information at the end of this Q&A. 
What is Pre- Camp and Rookie Camp?
Pre-camp is a week of practice (from 8am-noon for most band-percussion continues into the afternoon)  in July teaching the new members and refreshing the old members how to march and get ready for the Union County Fair parade in which we participate.  We also use this week to prepare for band camp.  Rookies and squad leaders only work on Monday morning (Rookie Camp) to learn fundamentals and to introduce new members to the group.
What does your child need for Rookie Camp?
A comfortable pair of shoes, a water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, instrument, and music.
What is a summer uniform?
Our bands summer uniform the official red band polo, all-black shorts (please make sure they are not too short) and white(ish) tennis shoes.
Where do I get my band polo?
You can order your band polo anytime between April-June 30- Cost is $20.00. Please fill out order form from Mr. Keller and place payment in band mailbox or mail to Mary Ellen Garwood @ 15520 Hagenderfer Road, Plain City, OH 43064. Must receive order form and payment by June 30. If not received we assume you already have one.
Where do I get my black band shoes?
Mr. Keller has included in the packet an order form for the Drill Master shoes. Everyone is responsible for getting their own shoes. You will need these no later than September 1. We suggest waiting until August 1 to place your order. Keep in mind your children’s feet grow…order them a size larger so they are comfortable for the 5-6 months they are needed.
How much is band camp going to cost?
Cost for an entire week of band camp is $230.00. That covers your band shirt, room and board for the entire week.  Trips to McDonalds, UDF etc are extra and are not supplied by the music boosters.
Raising money for band camp fees?
We will have a candy bar fundraiser in April to help offset the cost of band camp.  We have attached a candy bar order form. Please fill out and turn into the band room mailbox. You can sell up to 9 boxes of candy to offset the cost of camp of $225.00. Fill out the order form; attach a check or money order for $52.00 for each box of candy you would like to sell. Candy will be delivered every Friday. Your child sells the candy for $1.00 a bar. Your child will receive $25.00 for each box of candy sold. 
Is there a Scholarship available for band?
Yes. The Fairbanks Music Boosters were given a donation and have decided to use the donation as a scholarship to help with band camp costs. You can fill out the attached forms, place in a sealed envelope and submit to the mailbox in the band room or mail to the address on the form. All information is confidential and will remain private.  All forms need to be submitted by May 27 and the recipient will be notified by June 30. 
What is expected of the parents for marching band?
Each band parent is responsible for helping out during the band season. We will have many opportunities to help provide food, snacks and chaperone. When you check in at band camp we will have a sign-up sheet to provide food and snacks for all football games and band competitions. Everyone is expected to sign-up for at least one game or competition. You do not have to do it alone, we have 2 or 3 people per game/competition so it is not all on your own. We contact you before the event you signed for and remind you.  We also supply food after school for away games only! Band members are allowed to stay after school, ONLY when there is an away game. We will make sure they are fed dinner before they load the busses. They MUST stay in the band room with the adult chaperones. Any band member not following the rules will not be allowed to stay.
We have many opportunities to help chaperone! Starting with band camp, the music boosters will have a sign-up sheet for rehearsals. We need adults to pickup and deliver ice/water to the band camp field each morning. The shifts needed are 8-11:30 a.m. then 6:00-8:30 p.m.  Then we need a chaperone to hang around from 9-midnight, you many also stay over- night in the chaperone room if you would like.  We also have need for chaperones that can ride the bus to all the football games.  We will have a sign-up for all needs at band camp check-in. If you want to make sure you get your time in…you may also email Mary Ellen at the email address below and sign-up early. 
The Fairbanks Music Boosters do not get money from concession or the gate entry fees at the football games. We must raise our money to support the children in the music department at all 3 schools in other ways. One way you can help is by saving your aluminum. We have a drop off scheduled several times a year to collect and we take them to the recycling center.  We are looking into helping with the gate at the Union County Fair again. If we are able to sign up we need every parent to sign up for a time to help take tickets.  We will have around 40 -45 band members that is over 80 parents. We are asking this year that EVERY parent sign up to help with one thing! So come to band camp check-in ready to sign-up to help!

What is expected from my band student?
Each band student should respect each other’s feelings and personal belongings. Please do not touch the personal belongings of others.   Each band student is responsible for their own belongings.  Please do not leave items unattended. If you eat or drink something, please throw your trash away The chaperones and music boosters are not present to clean up after your child. EVERYONE needs to do their part in leaving performance sites cleaner than we found them
Loading and Unloading the trailer?
When loading and unloading the trailer, students will enter the back of the trailer take what they need and exit out the front door.  When we get back to the school from a football game or competition we understand that everyone is tired. However, it is the ENTIRE band’s responsibility to help unload and put the items where they belong
Contact or Questions?
If you have any other questions please contact you’re FMB President – Mary Ellen Garwood at 614-306-4307 or email at .  To save time, you can email me your current up-to-date information and I will have it at check-in and it will save you some time. 


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