Scheduling for 2011-2012

Scheduling Info for 2011-2012
Dear Parents and Band/Choir Students,
As the time to think about next year is upon us, I just wanted to drop you a note at this time to clarify some issues with scheduling of classes for next year.
If you want to take band or choir, it CAN be done.  Sometimes, you have to make those who are making the schedule a little harder, but it can be done.
If you plan on staying in band, you need to have a four-year plan to make sure you can fit band and your other classes in each year.  For example, don’t put off wellness until you are a junior, because it WILL be a schedule conflict.  Plan ahead, and your schedule will be very workable
Which class to register for
BAND is both concert and marching.  It is recommended that all high school students take both. 
MARCHING BAND is marching band “only”.  This is only for guard members, unless express permission is granted from the director.  Don’t try to sneak in and take marching without concert band without prior approval.  I will find out  All marching band members need to be registered for credit, unless permission is granted from Mr. Keller.
CONCERT BAND is for members who are in concert band, but not marching band.  Again, it is recommended that all students participate in both, but if you are playing football, volleyball, etc., you may register for concert band “only”, but you must have Mr. Keller’s permission to do so.
CHOIR is a separate class that is offered a different period from band.  For most students, it is easy to schedule both if you want to, especially in your freshman or sophomore year.  All music students are encouraged to participate in choir as well. 
Finally, If you have problems getting your schedule to work, do not give up.  Keep working until it is the way you want it.  However, don’t get greedy.  You will NOT be able to take band, French II, creative writing, psychology, AND foods in the same term.  Be realistic, and rely on your four-year plan to get you through.  
Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems getting band scheduled.  I’m so pleased that participation in our band program will again be at an all-time high next year!


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