PSA: Organic Food Delivery

I just wanted to let you all know about an opportunity presented to me by one of our band families.  If you are interested in locally grown oganic produce, cheese, milk, and eggs then click the link and read about Isidore Foods.  There is a local delivery pick up spot in Plain City (9139 Oak Ridge Ln.), but if enough Marysville or even Fairbanks community people interested, more pick up points could be arranged.  The web page has quite a bit of detailed information, but if you have questions contact them directly at  I also have several coupons in my office for 10% off your online order.  They are first-come, first-serve.  Just ask.


Sandra David said…
Organic food delivery service is a very well-known option and certainly is sensible as this is growing to be the easiest method to shop and people are rapidly knowing that there are various gains.

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