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FMB: Pay Your Camp Fees

Here are the members that need to make a $100 payment by Thursday 6/2:

Ciara F.
Jessica H.
Blake L.
Caitlin N.
Allison N.
Samantha P.
Katie R.
Samantha R.
Ayla S.
Robert S.
Matt W.

Members that need to make an additional payment of $50 by Thursday 6/2:

Drew B.
Micah D.
Monica F.
Sarah F.
Alex H.
Sarah M.
Tori R.
Zach R.
Daniel R.
Riley R.
Paige S.
Emily S.
Drake W.

Payments need to be deposited in the booster mailbox in the band room by 3pm on June 2 in the form of a check or money order payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters." Payments made after June 2 must be sent to Mrs. Garwood directly for processing.

A kind thank you to families who have been timely on payments without us having to badger. You are appreciated! :-)

FHSCB@Vets is Friday Night 5/27!

We hope you can make it to the FHSCB's annual performance at Veteran's Auditorium in Marysville this Friday night, May 27. The concert begins at 7 PM. Tickets are $5 and are available at the door. Senior citizens and children under 10 are free. Come and enjoy an evening of music from the 2010-2011 season, including music from the holiday, mid-year, and Spring concerts, plus special guest Kayla Wilson's bluegrass serenade.

Performers are reminded to wear concert black attire and to be ready to warm up at 6:15 PM.

If you need directions to the auditorium, you can find them HERE.

FMB Update - May 26, 2011

Calendar of Events
The calendar of events is set in stone.  There will be no additional dates scheduled for the Summer/Fall 2011 season.  You can visit the calendar online any time and print a copy for your refrigerator.  Band members are required to attend all rehearsals and performances and are bound by the Fairbanks Band attendance policy.

Band Camp Money
Members should have $100 in their account by Thursday, June 2.  If you made your $50 deposit and sold two boxes of candy (or made another $50 payment) then you are good to go until August.  If you do not have a $100 balance, please drop a check payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters" into the mailbox in the band room by 3pm Thursday.  You may pay your entire fee of $230 at any time.  If you are in financial need, you may apply for a camp scholarship bydownloading this form and returning it to the booster mailbox by June 2.

Please don't lose your folders. Spend some time in June and July building strength an…

FHSCB@Vets 2011: Preview and Proof the Program!

Click images to enlarge.  Please notify me of errors ASAP.

Video from Spring Concert 2011!

Feel free to share videos from Tuesday's concert with family, friends, and neighbors.  Thanks for a great night, performers!

5th Band - Spring 2011 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.
6th Band - Spring 2011 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.
JHCB - Spring 2011 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.
FHSCB - Spring 2011 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.

Preview/Proof Tuesday's Concert Program

Please let me know of any typos, misspellings, omissions, or revisions by 9am on Tuesday, May 24.

Click pages to enlarge

Spring Concert 2011 - Details

Fairbanks Music Department’s Annual Spring Concert 2011 Tuesday, May 24, 2010, 7:00 PM – HS Gym Order of performance: (times are approximate) 5th Grade Band (7:00) 6th Grade Band (7:15) Middle School Choir (7:30) High School Choir (7:45) Junior High Concert Band (8:00) High School Concert Band (8:30) Total Concert Time: appx. 1:50 5th Grade Band Get here at 6:30.  You need to be in the high school cafeteria ready to warm together at 6:45.  Please leave your cases in the band room.  Mr. Keller will be back to get you to perform at about 7:15.  After we perform, we will stay in the gym.  Take your instrument with you, or put it on the stage.  Do NOT go back to the band room until after the concert is over.  You need to sit with your family for the remainder of the concert.
6th Grade Band: You are to have your instrument and folder and be seated with your family when the concert begins at 7pm.  After the 5th grade band performs, you will take your spots in your seats.  We will warm up with #147 in you…

Booster Update from Mary Ellen

Just wanted to let everyone know...there will NOT be a booster meeting tomorrow evening, nor this month. Too many things going on and nothing new to report.

We will be helping out our day, Wednesday July 27th , at the Union County Fair...working the gates. Please contact me to sign up.

Also, can collection....please pass this along to all friends, family and neighbors. Saturday, June 4th is the next can collection day. Please note the drop off hours have changed from 9-10:30. Please help us out and deliver your cans to the parking lot.

Thanks for all you do. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mary Ellen

Music Department Important Dates and Links

Booster Meeting Rescheduled

The music booster meeting regularly scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, has been moved to Wednesday, May 18, due to the middle school blue ribbon banquet. The meeting will be at 6pm in the FHS band room.

FHSCB and Choir: Exam Info

Band and choir members will be required to take their final exam to complete the class.  The exam will be considerably different than that of the first semester.  Here are the details:

*The exam for underclassmen is on May 31 (choir) and June 2 (band).  The exam for band seniors is on May 25.

*Members have two options from which to choose: academic or performance.

*If you choose to perform, you will sing or play a required selection individually for Mr. Keller in the office.  Performers will be graded on fundamentals as well as accuracy.

*If you choose the academic test, you will take a 50-question matching test covering common musical terminology chosen from the band/choir repertoire from this year.  Each question is worth two points.  Several bonus questions will be offered as well.

*Students must declare which option they choose no later than Monday, May 23.  Please mark your choice on the list outside my office.

*This exam represents 20% of your second semester grade.  Please come…

FHSCB: Graduation 2011 is May 28.

We will say "congratulations" and "farewell" to the class of 2011 on Saturday, May 28, at the 48th annual FHS commencement exercises.  The FHSCB is an integral part of the ceremony and attendance is required for all members. Here's the details:

9:30 - Warm up at Kyre Field.  In the event of rain, the event will be held in the FHS gym.  Be on time.
10:00 - Pomp and Circumstance
10:05 - The FHSCB is featured, playing How To Train Your Dragon.  Seniors will come to the band area to perform.
10:40 - Recessional is Men of Ohio.  Band members are dismissed immediately after.

Attire for the day is slightly different than our regular concert black:

Gentlemen: Look nice.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Please wear a tie.
Ladies: Look nice.  No jeans or tennis shoes.  Skirts are to cover the knees.

FHSCB@Vets 2001: Info for Performers

FHSCB@Vets 2011 Friday, May 27 Call is 6:15 *This event will be presented at Veteran's Memorial Auditorium, 236 W. 6th St., Marysville.  *Members need to be in their seats ready to warm at 6:15 P.M.  Attendance is required for performers. *Dress is regular concert dress. *Put your cases back stage and only bring your folder and instrument on stage. *The best advertising is WORD OF MOUTH.  Tell EVERYONE about this concert. *Tickets are available at the door only this year. $5 for ages 10 and up.  Under 10 and senior citizens are free.  All proceeds benefit the Fairbanks Music Department. *The concert will last approximately 75 minutes and include a 15 minute intermission *Priority seating will be provided for handicapped and senior citizens at 6:45.  The concert will begin promptly at 7:00 P.M. 

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FMB: Memorial Day Parades May 30

Our Memorial Day performances are very special to the residents of Milford Center and Unionville Center and we again happily contribute to their community celebrations. All FMB members are required to participate. Music will include the Victors, National Anthem, and America
the Beautiful. Dress is Summer uniform. The day will begin at the Darby Township Building on Cross St. In Unionville and end at the cemetery in Milford. Bus transportation will be provided from Unionville to Milford.

9:15am - warm up
9:40 - Parade begins
10:00 - memorial service begins
10:45 - play at Unionville cemeteries
11:00 - load bus/trailer
11:15 - depart for Milford
11:20 - arrive Milford Center
11:30 - warm up/line up
12:00 - parade #2 begins
12:15 - play at Milford cemetery
12:30 - band members are dismissed.

Immediately after the Milford parade, band members and their families are invited to dine at the VFW at a delicious buffet lunch, provided at no cost as a thank you for your sacrifice of time on this Holiday.

Bring Us Your Tired and Poor Aluminum Cans on May 7

The Fairbanks Music Boosters will be collecting aluminum cans on Saturday, May 7.  Bring your bagged cans to the FHS student parking lot from 9-11am where Karla Long will be waiting for you.  This is an easy fund raiser that requires a minimal amount of work.  Do you part to recycle as well as donate proceeds to benefit our fine Fairbanks musicians!

Booster Update From Mary Ellen

Greetings all! 

Just a couple things we wanted to remind you of:

This Saturday May 7 from 9-11 Karla Long will be in the side parking lot by the soccer field collecting our cans. Please take what you have out to her. Thanks for you support. Every little bit helps.

Next Wednesday, May 11, is our monthly booster meeting in the band room. Please plan on attending and giving us your advice!

Also, we have the fair contract again this year and will be manning the gates on Wedneday during the Union County Fair. Please plan to attend and help out. You just need to help out a couple hours. Let me know as soon as you know and I will start a sign up sheet with times. Then you get the best time slots available. We start at 8 and end at 9 in the evening. 

I sent Mr. Keller an updated FMB band camp fee sheet. Please take a look. Many of you have not gotten your deposits of $50.00 in. Please do so ASAP. You need to have $100.00 in your account by end of May. 

Have a great week!

Mary Ellen