FHSCB and Choir: Exam Info

Band and choir members will be required to take their final exam to complete the class.  The exam will be considerably different than that of the first semester.  Here are the details:

*The exam for underclassmen is on May 31 (choir) and June 2 (band).  The exam for band seniors is on May 25.

*Members have two options from which to choose: academic or performance.

*If you choose to perform, you will sing or play a required selection individually for Mr. Keller in the office.  Performers will be graded on fundamentals as well as accuracy.

*If you choose the academic test, you will take a 50-question matching test covering common musical terminology chosen from the band/choir repertoire from this year.  Each question is worth two points.  Several bonus questions will be offered as well.

*Students must declare which option they choose no later than Monday, May 23.  Please mark your choice on the list outside my office.

*This exam represents 20% of your second semester grade.  Please come to the exam in a prepared state.

Performance pieces
FHSCB Winds and Percussion (except F. Horns): Men of Ohio, m. 1-38, no repeats. Percussionists must play the snare drum part.
FHSCB French Horns: How to Train Your Dragon m. 14-53
Choir: Afternoon on a Hill, m. 1-36

Written Exam Terms: (click to enlarge)


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