FMB: Pay Your Camp Fees

Here are the members that need to make a $100 payment by Thursday 6/2:

Ciara F.
Jessica H.
Blake L.
Caitlin N.
Allison N.
Samantha P.
Katie R.
Samantha R.
Ayla S.
Robert S.
Matt W.

Members that need to make an additional payment of $50 by Thursday 6/2:

Drew B.
Micah D.
Monica F.
Sarah F.
Alex H.
Sarah M.
Tori R.
Zach R.
Daniel R.
Riley R.
Paige S.
Emily S.
Drake W.

Payments need to be deposited in the booster mailbox in the band room by 3pm on June 2 in the form of a check or money order payable to "Fairbanks Music Boosters." Payments made after June 2 must be sent to Mrs. Garwood directly for processing.

A kind thank you to families who have been timely on payments without us having to badger. You are appreciated! :-)


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