Band Camp Staff PAS - Important Info

I'm very excited to have you on staff this year with the FMB!  It's going to be a phenomenal year with a great show and a great bunch of band members.  Here is all the info you need for the week of July 29-Aug. 3:

*You need to get to OWU around noon on July 31.  Lunch is not provided so I would grab something before you arrive.  I'll get your key and you can move your stuff into your room.  Directions to Hayes Hall are on the band camp page.  If you get lost, or need more info, call me at my cell at 937-243-2031.  Please feel free to use this number anytime you need.

*After you get moved in, we'll need to dot the field and put up the scaffolding.  Immediately after, we'll have a staff meeting and get ready for campers to move in from 3-5.

*If your PAS is in approved or in progress with no flags, you'll be good to teach camp.  If you're not approved by August 1, there is a possibility that you will not be permitted.  There is also the possibility that you might be able to help out but not be paid by the school board.  Let's cross that bridge if we come to it.  It sounds like everyone is in pretty good shape at this point.

*The itinerary for camp is also on the band camp page.  You'll be responsible for instructing drill in morning and evening rehearsals, as well as working in sectional rehearsals with the musicians in the afternoons.  I want you to teach more than just notes and rhythms...move on to musicality and pedagogy as much as possible.  Help them to become better musicians and not just better players.  Modeling is a great way to teach so bring your instrument if possible.

*I'll be scanning your music and putting it somewhere you can download on Thursday.  Recordings are available at

*We will rotate supervisory duties during free time. A chaperone will be on staff overnight so you all can get a good night's rest for the next big day.

*Thursday night is pool night...bring your suit and towel.

*The end-of-camp show is at 5pm on Friday and as soon as it is over, you are free to go.

*I hope this is a great experience for you all as staff members.  I've had the pleasure to work with some amazing teachers, brothers, and friends over the years at FMB camp.  Please do not hesitate to ask me how I can make this an even better week for you and our fine Fairbanks musicians.



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