FMB Update from Mary Ellen

Greetings all... need to give an update on band.

1. We are getting ready to order the tshirts for this years band...If any adults would like a shirt I need to have the size by noon on Thursday, July 21. Please either email or text me size at 614-306-4307. Please add your name to the text so I know who to go to . Price is $10.00 if you want 2x or larger we need to add $2.00 per size enlarged. Make checks or money orders out to FMB.

2. Tomorrow morning I will be at the school to make some announcements to the children about band camp and answer any questions they might have. I will also be giving them an invoice with the amount still owed on their band camp fees. Please make sure you ask your child(ren) about them when they get home. All fees must be paid by band camp check-in. Please only bring check or money orders. Cash is not accepted on payments. This is for accounting purposes for both you and the boosters.

3. If you want to fill out the emergency medical papers ahead of time. Go to the FMB page and download. Fill out and place in the band room mailbox. You can also deliver at check-in, just makes the line go faster.

4. Please keep in mind that during check-in we will have different stations for your convienence. We will also have opportunities for the week to help out, whether it be delivering water and ice in the morning, watching the children at practice (to provide water/ or keep an eye on them for any kind of medical condition arises). Chaperoning in the evening during free/bedtime. There is a room available for you to stay over if you choose and breakfast will be provided.

5. We are also looking for someone with a truck that can pull the band trailer to Ohio Weslyen on Sunday, the day of check-in. Please contact me if available.

6. Still looking for a few workers for the gates. If you have a child that is 16 or older and they can help out for a few hours please call me.

Thanks again and we are looking forward to a great year!!


Mary Ellen


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