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FMB: Itinerary for Southeastern 9/2/11

FMB @ Southeastern Friday, September 2, 2011
5:15 Load
5:45 Depart
6:15 Arrive HS
7:00 Game Begins
8:00 Halftime
9:30 Game ends
10:00 Depart for home
11:00 Arrive FHS

*Dress is summer uniform including your band t-shirt.  Please do not wear any visible jewelry.  Long hair is to be pulled back.

*Tonight's music is Part 1, 2, and 3.  We will march and play parts 1 and 2 for halftime.  Part 3 will be played in the stands during the 4th quarter.  Cheers are also to be memorized.  Stand tunes will be provided for the 4th quarter and do not need to be memorized.

*Please remember everything you need for the night, including instrument, uniform parts, shoes, spending money, and personal items.

*If you are riding home from the game with a parent, you need to give a note to Mr. Keller or Ana before we depart FHS.  If you are not riding the bus home, you MUST be traveling with a PARENT.

*Pay attention to the game and be ready to play at any time.  Non-band friends may be asked to leave the band area if th…

FMB: Audio/Video from NU 8/26/11

Part I:

FMB 2011 Opener 8/26/11 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.
Part II:

FMB 2011 Production 8/26/11 from Fairbanks Band on Vimeo.
Please watch and evaluate. Feel free to comment, members.

MASSIVE Picture Update


FMB: Itinerary for Friday @ North Union

Fairbanks@ North Union Friday, August 26, 2011
5:00 Load Bus/Trailer 5:30 Depart FHS 6:15 Arrive NUHS 6:30 Warm Up 7:00 Game Begins 8:00 Halftime 9:30 Game Ends* 9:40 Depart for home* 10:15 Arrive FHS* *times are approximate
*Dress is Summer uniform, with the band Tshirt instead of polo shirt.  No visible jewelry except watches and your class ring.  Long hair is to be pulled back.
*Tonight’s music will include Victors, Parts I and 2  Cheers, William Tell in the stands.  On the field we will play Part 1 and 2.  All music is to be memorized.  We will play in the stands during the first half and the fourth quarter.  Stand tunes music will be provided for you.
*Please remember all of your items for your instrument and uniform. There are no bus switches.  If you are not riding the bus home, you must give a note from a parent to Ana before we depart FHS.
*Pay attention to the game and be ready to play at any time.  Friends, Boyfriends/girlfriends that detract from our performance will be asked to leave th…

Did You Notice?

Did you notice that you can now access a large amount of the information from by clicking on the tabs at the top of the blog? Look up there ^^^^^^^.  Calendar. Repertoire. Twitter. Pictures. Ensembles. This makes Mr. Keller's Blog and even stronger "one stop" to being informed and enlightened.  Try it out.  Go ahead and click away.  Go on.  Go ahead :-)

Band/Choir Handbooks Are Online!

All band and choir members and parents need to read and understand their responsibilities for the smooth operation of the Fairbanks Music Department.  Please click the links and read the material.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at  My band/choir policies have been consistent for nearly two decades and I believe they are very productive and fair to all members.  Students are responsible for these rules and policies for the entire school year.  It is not necessary to return a handbook form this year.
6th Grade Band Handbook JHCB Handbook Choir Handbook FMB Handbook

FMB: Busy Week Ahead!

Welcome back to the 2011-2012 school year!  It's going to be a great season for the FMB and here are some updated about what's just around the corner:

First day of school
The FMB will rehearse on Wednesday 8/24 from 3:15 to 5:15.  Come prepared with athletic shoes, socks, and clothes suitable for marching.  We will be cleaning parts 1 and 2, and reviewing part 3.  Don't count on getting out early on Wednesday...we have lots to do!  After this week, we will assume our regular rehearsal schedule of Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:15-5:15.  Attendance is required at all rehearsals unless approved 48 hours in advance.  If you have questions on the attendance policy for rehearsals or performances, you can always read it here.

Meet The Teams - Thursday
We will perform at the annual "Meet The Teams" night on Thursday 8/25.  We will warm up at Harmony Field at 7:00 P.M., then move to Kyre at 7:30 where we will play The Victors, Star Spangled Banner, and Pirates Part 1.  We w…