FMB: Friday's Homecoming Game Itinerary

Fairbanks vs. Lima Perry
Friday, September 30, 2011

5:30 - Rehearse at Harmony Field
5:50 - Dress/Prep
6:20 - Uniform inspection
6:30 - Homecoming ceremony
6:45 - Pre-Game
7:00 - Kick Off
*8:00 - Halftime
*9:30 - Game is over
*9:45 - Dismissed

*-times are approximate

-Dress is FULL UNIFORM.  Please make sure to have your Drillmasters and black socks that cover your ankles.  No visible jewelry please. Ladies: long hair should be up.  Take tremendous care of your uniform!

-The band room will NOT be open from 3:00-5:00.  Supervision will not be provided.  Go home.  Rest. Get some food.  Be ready to rehearse at school at 5:30.

-Members are expected to be on their best behavior at all times when we are in uniform.  Take good care of your uniform tonight.

-You will have the third quarter off to eat and relax.  Otherwise, you are to be in the stands and ready to play when called upon.  Pay attention to the game.  Non-band girlfriends/boyfriends that distract from your performance will be asked to leave.

-Pre-game and contest show music is to be memorized.  Please be prepared.

-Please encourage your family and friends to come to the game and watch/listen to us.  A friendly crowd is a good crowd!

-After the game, please put everything in its place and please make sure the band room is clean before you leave.


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