FMB: Itinerary for Pickerington 10/1

Pickerington North Contest
Saturday, October 1, 2011

2:00 - Rehearsal at field (No Instruments)
2:30 - Load bus/trailer
3:00 - Depart for Pickerington
4:15 - Arrive PNHS
5:00 - Warm Up
6:00 - Perform
6:30 - Watch other bands (or travel home for the dance)
9:30 - Awards*
9:45 - Depart for home*
11:00 - Arrive FHS*
*-times are approximate

-Dress is FULL UNIFORM. Wear shorts or slender pants under you uniform pants. NO VISIBLE JEWELRY is to be worn when in uniform. Band shoes and black crew-length socks are required. Ladies - long hair is to be off the collar in a military style.

-We will performing the entire contest show today. Please assure me you have all of your music memorized and all your drill learned. Be well rested and hydrated for this event.

-The boosters will have snack food available, but if you wish to eat at the concession stand, buy a contest tshirt, or shop the band merchandise, you'll want to bring some spending money.

-Please be where you need to be when you need to be there. There will be quite a bit of free time to watch other bands and to eat, so please keep track of time.

-Show the crowd and the other bands that we are a classy organization by being polite, positive, and encouraging. Every band is a lot like us and deserves to be treated how we wish to be treated. Make a good name for yourself both ON and OFF the field.

-Please encourage parents, family, and friends to attend the contest. Crowd Response is a caption on judging sheets. They CAN make a difference! There is a small entry fee for the general public. Band members are admitted free.

-If you riding home with a parent instead of riding the bus home, you MUST give a note to Mr. Keller or Ana before we depart at 3pm. You MUST TRAVEL WITH A PARENT and not another student or friend. Band members who are returning for the homecoming dance may leave as soon as your uniform and instrument are loaded on the trailer.


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