FMB Pictures Are Wednesday

FMB pictures are 9/7. You do not need your shoes. Please take a picture order form today from the info rack. Bring your payment and order to your session tomorrow.

From Mary Ellen:

Greetings to everyone! Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. Wanted to send everyone a sample of what this years Composite Memory Mate will look like. It is personalized with their name on it. The memory mate are just plan black no personalization. Hope you got your order form and are ready for band pictures on Wednesday.

If you have more than one child in band and would like them photographed together. Please have them come down right after school. Group picture will be during the last period of the day. If you have any questions please give Mr. Keller or myself a call.

I have attached both the sample composite memory mate and a photograph of Charley with the hat on. If you prefer hat on please inform your child to let me know before the pictures are taken so I know which you prefer. For the band composite for the band room non of the band will have their hat on. If you would like to choose your childs picture let me know and I will email you the ones to choose from and you can choose the one you want. I need to have all done by Friday at 5:00 pm, for they will be going to the lab at that time. If you choose specialty products they also need to be ordered by Friday at 5:00pm. I can only send the specialty products once, so I must have it by Friday at 5:00 or you will need to replace it with another item on the list or pay a 50% charge to have ordered. Examples of the specialty products are: Trading cards, Collector's Print Set, Photo Sculptures, Id Packs, Game Day prints, Photo magnets.
If you have any questions you can either email or call me. Thank you and I look forward to photographing our 2011 band members!

Mary Ellen Garwood


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