Fundraiser: MEGA PIZZA BATTLE!!!

As a final motivational prize, each performing group has been divided into sections.  When the sale is over, the section of the band or choir with the highest average of items sold per person will win a day off from rehearsal and will get to eat pizza and pop and watch a movie instead!

As stated earlier, students who choose to make a donation in lieu of selling do not qualify for ducks or cash prizes, but these donations DO count toward your group sales average.  I will credit students with 1 item for every $5 of donations.  For example: a $25 donation will credit your group with 5 items.

Here are the groups in each class:

5th Band

  1. Flutes
  2. Clarinets
  3. Saxophones
  4. Brasses
  5. Percussion

6th Band

  1. Brasses
  2. Woodwinds
  3. Percussion


  1. Flute/Oboe
  2. Clarinet
  3. Saxophone
  4. Trumpet
  5. Tuba/Trombone/Baritone/French Horn
  6. Percussion


  1. Sopranos
  2. Altos
  3. Tenors
  4. Baritones


  1. FMB: Flutes/Clarinets
  2. FMB: Trumpets/Maxophones
  3. FMB: Low Brass/Field Commander
  4. FMB: Drumline/Pit
  5. FHSCB only 


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